View Full Version : I've finally gotten around to moving over.

1-7-11, 5:23pm
I don't think I like being a junior again. Oh well. I guess I'm in with everyone else on that level.

1-7-11, 5:47pm
Yup, it's a race to see who gets promoted first, huh? Welcome back, er, forward!

1-7-11, 5:52pm
Some like to be junior again. :-)

1-7-11, 6:08pm
At the old place I always felt as if I was one of the totally new kids on the block even after a year and several hundred posts.

It's nice for everyone to be young, spritely juniors again. ;)


1-7-11, 6:45pm
So happy to see you Jan! I look at "my" early beginnings here and fresh start AND low post count as being a sort of childhood like thing. (Like being put back into training pants again)! :laff: