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8-4-11, 5:51pm
Just ten more weeks.....I have been mostly lurking here lately as I have been quite burnt out with my job. Lately there have been numerous terminations and also folks just packing up and hitting the road quite voluntarily, with work expectations increasing exponentially on all who stay and no recognition of problems on site by management whatsoever. For me these are key burnout ingredients, but I also realize it's just ten more weeks and there are so many out there who would love to be experiencing my burnout as it does involve having some cash flow....

I was going to fold here but want to add for those who know me, yesterday I was at the public library in Page, Arizona where out of nowhere I ran across a free publication about starting a small business in Arizona.....Interesting coincidence as I have been talking of doing this for some time.....Time I made some kind of decision! Rob

8-4-11, 6:26pm
Go for it, Rob! And good luck during the next 10 weeks.

8-4-11, 9:38pm
Always pay attention to serendipity. This is one area where I think it pays to put your interests and desires out there to others.
I know "networking" is an overused term, but it's amazing how many times I've heard stories of someone saying they mentioned something to a stranger they sat next to on a plane, or at a conference, or other get-together, and that person then led them to a way to make their desire happen.

8-5-11, 12:40am
Go Rob!!!

8-5-11, 10:48am
Hey, Rob. I found that website and it's a great resource (sba.gov for others who may be interested). If I cared to stay in Phoenix I'd look more into it too. You've already had some experience earning money on your own via selling Ebay stuff, right? So that should help. I thought a great business idea would be a crepe stand at the downtown market, with fresh fruit and agave nectar or prickly pear syrup for a local flavor. Another idea could be if you got together with Chris Bianco and figured out how to do a dessert stand outside Pizzeria Bianco. There's no dessert there! And lots of people going there would probably be happy to have a scoop of gelato or even shaved ice or something and wander around the park after they eat at the Pizzeria. After all, they've been there 3 or 4 hours probably so what's another 30 min and a small treat? In the winter, premade cookies freshly warmed on a cart would be very tempting. I know Cotton Country Jams rents out their commercial kitchen space at times too. Maybe none of these ideas is the least bit tempting but those are things I've thought Phoenix needed :)