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8-5-11, 9:46am
So, almost every time i log on my computer says it will speed up if I disable add on's. What do they mean by add on's? Programs? Stuff on my desk top? I don't have much on here now, no big graphic hungry games or such. I always delete the message, but maybe I should click through. What do you computer folks think? Alan?

8-5-11, 9:50am
I don't know much of anything about computers. But we have this program called "System Mechanix" and whenever I run that, it gets rid of alot of junk. Maybe you'd benefit from one of those programs?

8-5-11, 2:14pm
OK I'll check into that. Thanks Cathy.

8-5-11, 8:28pm
Do you mean that you get this message whenever you start your computer or when you open your browser, such as Internet Explorer. If it is a browser message, it is advising you that you have add-ons configured for your browser and is suggesting that your internet surfing may be speeded up by disabling one or more of these add-ons.

I'm not sure which browser you may be using, but if it's Internet Explorer 9, click on the settings button on the upper right corner (it looks like a gear), then click 'Manage add-ons to see which ones you have installed.

8-6-11, 2:30pm
OK Alan, thanks.