View Full Version : I earn slightly more than the reduced lunch income

Zoe Girl
8-5-11, 11:40pm
but only with 2 jobs and 7 days a week. If I include my daughter who is 20 then I earn low enough for my son to get reduced lunches but I also would have to include her income which pushes us above that. Now if she doesn't live with us and I quit the 2nd job I would qualify on my earnings. Hmm, not sure how I feel about that but good to know if I totally lose my mind with my overwork at least we qualify for something to help out. Not sure I would apply however since we have some family support and I want the money to go for those who truly do not have help.

It is scary, I work in schools where a high percentage of families have free and reduced lunches. To see on paper the income they are at is a super reality check.

8-6-11, 9:49pm
I commend you for working so hard to take care of your family. The bottom line is life is hard and it is especially so for you. Do the best you can, make the best judgements you can. Food stamp and free lunch help is there for those that need it. Take advantage if you need to.

8-11-11, 12:39pm
I would look into the fineprint of the free lunch rules very carefully. Are some of your expenses deductible, for example healthcare?
If you still are above the limit, CONGRATULATIONS! Regard this as an achievement, not as a disadvantage.

8-13-11, 10:44pm
So many kids at my son's school are eligible that they got a donor to give enough money for the whole school to get free lunch. Even those who don't need it.

And it's a good, homemade, healthy lunch too.

Around here though, you never know how much of someone's income is above the table or under the table. Either way, I think nutrition is so important to learning...I donate money to the food bank pretty frequently.

9-4-11, 10:53pm
Do an IRA, that will put you under the threshold and also start a nest egg for you.