View Full Version : Best Garage Sale Finds

8-7-11, 3:02pm
I've really enjoyed reading about everyone's thrift store finds. There aren't any thrift stores in my area, but we do have a lot of garage sales. It would be fun to hear about your favorite garage sale finds.

My best purchase ever was the Galway leaded crystal vase that I bought for 25 cents. :) They sell on Ebay for $50-60. I also bought a box of quart size Mason jars for $5.00.

You have to go through a lot of junk to find the treasure, but it's a real high when you find something you've been looking for that is so inexpensive!

8-7-11, 10:22pm
Oh what fun--we bought a woodstove and a bench saw at one fabulous sale, along with a King Arthur cookie cookbook! Best ever.

Aqua Blue
8-12-11, 9:52am
Last weekend I found a little wooden (Maple?) rocking chair for $7. I have wanted a small rocking chair in my bedroom for a long time. It is painted, but I think I have enough stripper left from another project to strip it. And I have tung oil from that same project to finish it. Even tho I don't like to strip things, I am so excited about this!

iris lily
8-12-11, 10:30am
I don't go to garage sales, but years ago when we were still collecting stuff, we went to estate sales.

I walked away from something I regret: a lucite tea cart for $95.00. I love mid century lucite furniture, and this would have easily been sold if I got tired of it.
I like to attend estate sales in the "modern" close in suburbs where little old ladies are selling of their stuff because there are always lucite pieces.

8-28-11, 10:33pm
A gorgeous old crystal bowl dated from the 60's/70's. To this day it sits on top of the kitchen counter and serves as a fruit bowl. So clean and elegant looking. What's more, it didn't have so much as a chip or check on it!