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8-12-11, 1:56pm
I hope this isn't a repeat thread; I didn't see another one, but maybe I just missed it.

Anyway, I did a complete inventory of everything in my freezer and was amazed at all that was in there. Since then, I have been working diligently to try to use it all up. Anyone want to join in a freezer/pantry challenge for the rest of the month? I know we are already two weeks in, but we still have a good two weeks left to go!

So far, I have used up:

--1 lb ground beef and some canned pumpkin in pumpkin burgers
--1 lb cooked roast in chili
--about 3 cups of zucchini and some cheese in zucchini fritters
--another lb ground beef in Salisbury steak
--a few hot dogs with mac n cheese

8-12-11, 7:53pm
I actually tonight after dinner cleaned the freezer. All that is left is some shrimp, brussel sprouts, corn, and ice cream.....not much left in there as I have been working at using it up. But good luck to you.

8-13-11, 7:46am
ctg492--Wow! You are doing really great! I'd have no trouble using up those yummy things--especially the ice cream! LOL

8-13-11, 9:04am
Me! I'm in! I've been very good about stocking up, but now I've decided to move to a city with more jobs, and step one is to eat down the freezer, refrigerator and food cupboard. I donated some canned goods I was unlikely to actually eat. The freezer is down by about a third but the cupboard is full.

8-13-11, 3:48pm
We too need to 'eat down the freezer'. Several months ago I thought I had done a pretty good job using frozen things. Then I ran out of room again after filling the empty space with the blueberries. As I was looking around the other day, I realized how many things still need to be used, so I am.

Thus far, I thawed and fed to the cats some left-over cooked turkey breast. They don't seem to much mind a bit of freezer burn, and I know we never would have eaten it. I also decided to dry about a pint of chopped chiles from last year. I might make chile powder from that. And about 2 weeks ago, I finally used a butt portion of a ham that was 2 years old. It was yummy. After ham and tomato sandwiches, omeletes, there was lima bean soup.

I also came across a few 3-4 NY steaks I had forgotten about. And there are also a few packages of recent nice chicken breasts for bbq. Geuss I should thaw a couple of those now for tonight....

I have a small chest freezer, as well as the freezer compartment of the fridge.

8-13-11, 4:48pm
I took some chicken breasts out of the freezer so that I can make candied chicken tonight. I also finished up the last of the jello with canned peaches--found both in the pantry earlier in the week!

8-14-11, 2:25pm
Hey Kat, you were my inspiration for giving freezing chicken breasts another try, and it's working well for us, so thanks. Now what's candied chicken? Sounds interesting.

8-15-11, 7:41am
@rosarugosa--glad the freezing chicken breast works for you! :-) I got the recipe for candied chicken here:


I usually halve the recipe, though, and modify it by cutting the chicken up into cubes and serving it over rice (DH likes it better that way)...

8-15-11, 7:48pm
Thanks, Kat - sounds good!

8-19-11, 12:18pm
Last night I made some spaghetti with some canned sauce and pasta from the pantry and some meatballs from the freezer. Today I took out some chicken drumsticks so I can make BBQ chicken in the crock pot. I think I'll serve a side of frozen veggies with it. Easy enough, and I have everything on hand! I also made some granola using one of stella's recipes. Yum!

I really wanted to buy some chips or popcorn at the grocery store last time, too, but decided that I could just make popcorn on the stove if I really wanted it (I have tons of popcorn in the pantry). Made some last night, and it was really good!