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Zoe Girl
8-15-11, 9:27pm
Whew, last week we trained all our staff for the coming school year. It was a big job as the total staff is about 250 people, there are 40 assorted supervisor types that were training the previous 2 weeks to set up the year and plan the training for everyone else. (if you don't know I work with an after school program in a metro area and my section serves schools in high poverty areas so we are grant funded, we are 9 schools and the other 40 or so are parent paid tuition).

My training sections were on our specific math program for the 2 sessions of my staff plus a training on Engagement for all staff of both grant and parent paid sides of the program. I got a grand idea for engagement and then a person wanted to come work with me so we made a great training plan. My idea was to have the staff come in as the kids 2 times, the first time we would suck, (on cell phone, no eye contact, unclear directions, etc) and the 2nd time we would do what we would expect the best way. From that we talked about how they felt as students each time, what type of behavior we may see, and the specifics of engagement (eye contact, names, clear directions, welcoming, etc.). I felt pretty darn awesome first to have such an important training peice as one of the newer people and then just doing the training. I also did math and was happy with that, we started by doing a game about math myths and attitudes and then taught them several games to play with kids.

Okay now it is next week, I have had a couple staff in the building at my level or above stop to comment on my training, I went to one of my sites and my grumpiest staff person told me mine was the best, and then another staff agreed independantly that out of 10 training sessions they attended mine was the best. This is on top of the postive feedback I got as i participated in the supervisor trainings (usually my high energy and creative bursts and outside the box personality are NOT such great traits).

Wow, I am feeling pretty darn good. I am thinking about how to document this for my master portfolio that I keep of career work. I am also thinking ahead to career opportunities that would get me out of poverty wage.

8-15-11, 10:10pm
Good News Zoe!! You should feel very proud of yourself.

8-16-11, 3:48am
It seems that in this job all your different qualifications and talents can be put to use.
Best wishes for your future career!

8-16-11, 7:13am
(usually my high energy and creative bursts and outside the box personality are NOT such great traits).

Personally, I think these are great traits, but maybe I'm biased, considering I have the same traits! I think it is important to know yourself well and to be very clear with potential future employers that this is your personality, that you embrace it, and that it has an incredibly positive impact on how you do your job. Your success in leading fun, engaging, memorable, positive staff trainings is a testament to that fact! Don't sell yourself short, Zoe Girl. You have a set of talents that are highly desirable in the right environments, the key is finding the right environments and applying them.

I've worked in education and I've attended some really low quality trainings. I've also attended some really fabulous trainings. I think you are on the right track!

I applied for and was offered a job in education earlier this year. But one of the questions my would-be supervisor asked my references was whether I could be less dynamic and engaging. Needless to say, I didn't accept the job after hearing about this. Sorry, but my dynamic and engaging personality is who I am and I'm not interested in working somewhere that can't appreciate and embrace that. (Too bad for the organization as the position was a revenue-generating position and I would have made them a ridiculous amount of money even in this economy. Bonus for me, as I will now generate revenue for myself!)

Good luck, Zoe Girl!

Zoe Girl
8-16-11, 11:00pm
Well most of my jobs have been ones that tell me to tone down and be less creative. Oh it has been painful. I just thought that was how every place was until now. I know that I earn a very low income but the trade off in building up my skills and self esteem are priceless right now.

I am even looking at the bright side, we are seriously understaffed at all locations in our organization. We have 9 schools paid for by grants and something like 40 that are parent tuition. Every single person in the office (and we have everyone first aid and cpr trained) who is not essential will be working at an after school site every day well into September. Wow. that means that instead of doing loads of paperwork and supervision I can actually get out and work with the kids. As long as i still get people paid it will be good.