View Full Version : Hello Gang, I am new. I need to simplify MAN!

Koala Dave
8-17-11, 1:06pm
Hello everyone!
The first time I'd heard of voluntary simplicity was years ago, being told by an ex-hoarder.

I need to simplify a lot of areas in my life. Stop compulsory consumerism. Concentrate my energies. Connect more with the natural world.

I'm joining up to learn and grow!!

Peace y'all! !pow!!Splat!:laff:rrrrr

Sad Eyed Lady
8-17-11, 2:41pm
Good to have you with us Koala Dave. Jump right in - there is a little bit of lots of things here! I remember the first time I heard the term "voluntary simplicity", that was maybe 20 years ago. And, boy did it ring a bell with me! It was just what I had been wanting and working toward without knowing there was a name for it. Now these years later I am still on the path as others here are, some of us taking different branches but going in the same direction. You will enjoy your time here I'm sure.

Float On
8-17-11, 3:09pm

8-17-11, 7:11pm
Welcome to a wonderful way of thinking and planning for the rest of your life in so many different ways with so many facets.

8-17-11, 7:46pm
Welcome, Dave.

My introduction to voluntary simplicity was through reading the book Your Money or Your Life. It gives a framework for how to think about money in relation to the time you spend to earn it, which for me personally was extremely motivating in terms of reducing my consumption. Hope you can find it useful!

Koala Dave
8-18-11, 12:20pm
Thank you everyone! :)

8-18-11, 2:09pm
Welcome, Koala Dave! I've been hanging around this forum for several years now. I have learned so much and have met some of the nicest people in the world! "Voluntary Simplicity" encompasses a lot, and when I first started out, I felt a little overwhelmed. Personally, I found it helpful to focus on just one aspect of my life at a time--first frugality, then materialism, etc. Perhaps you are ready for a major life overhaul. If so, great! If not, don't be afraid to take baby steps and share what you are learning with the rest of us! :-)

8-29-11, 5:05pm
Welcome Dave! Hope to see more of you here.

8-30-11, 1:03am
G'day Dave! I lived in Adelaide & Gove N.T. many years ago. You have a great country. Welcome to Simple Living! Not that we all live simple, decluttered lives, but we strive for it!

8-30-11, 10:51am
Welcome, Koala Dave! My introduction to SL was through the book "Your Money or Your Life" as well. That was early 90's when we were trying to get out of credit card debt that got out of hand. That eventually led me to this forum over 10 years ago. You will find lots of information and ideas, as well as a good group of people here.

Once again, welcome.