View Full Version : a baby step

Zoe Girl
8-20-11, 2:21pm
about all I have is baby steps but they are steps. I kept track of my checkbook for 2 whole weeks and was within a dollar when I checked the balance. It is good, I spent some time struggling with lack of time and lack of wanting to face reality, however I am getting tiny steps beyond that. It helped that I don't work until much later today so I have a half day to clean and do checkbook and basically deal with life.

Okay, and I have a little bit of money too, not much but it will be okay. I rewarded myself by putting $25 in savings.

8-22-11, 4:48pm
Excellent reward for yourself! Even a few bucks a week adds up and makes me feel better about life.

8-27-11, 12:01am
Good job Zoe!

8-27-11, 11:16am
That's great Zoe Girl!
"Progress, not perfection!"