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8-31-11, 8:34am
Here's the funny thing---we used to struggle and we were VERY frugal...but just not enough to spread around. What was killing us was the dang rent. Hard to find decent rental in a safe place with some space for less than $900 a month. We did our best and then WHAM!!! My dream job dropped into my lap. I did have to work hard to make it through 3 rounds of interviews but my salary tripled from my last job. Talk about a wake up call. I think instead of the average Joe, I about freaked out when I say my first paycheck. I cried..we could pay off a major portion of our debt in 6 months. 6 months!!!! This was going to take 5 years just a week before. The funny thing, other than buying some works clothes and some items for the house and a few school items for our son, we still live like broke college students. We purchased:

1. A tv- we had a 10 year old 25 inch screen tv that was starting to act like HAL and blink at us when we shut it off. It finally pooped out a few months ago. We like to watch all types of football and baseball, oh and I love the PBR. :|(
2. Sheets- it was just time..worn holes in both sets
3. Lamp- need something big for the living room
4. 2 suits, 2 dresses 2 pair of heels, 2 blouses
5. Cleats and 3 shirt/shorts for my son's football practice.
6. Silverware
7. Peace of mind...we now have a actually retirement fund that is growing at a good rate.

I still have no desire for anything else. Other than a house, we are looking to purchase a house. But nothing big or fancy, just comfortable and happy.

8-31-11, 9:57am
PBR ??? I have no clue. Peanut Butter Rollups? - Thanks.

Congrats on the new job and the pay hike and the peace of mind.

...and welcome to the board. :)

8-31-11, 10:09am
You are absolutely right, money is definitely not everything. Here is my list of things that make me feel good, comfortable, and at ease. (Everything else, not important).

Good health.
Home bought and paid for.
Everything clean, organized, and fresh.
The yard and landscaping manicured and fictitiously maintained.
A reliable vehicle.
A few really nice things for the inside of our home.
So happy I am knowing life has become easier and more rewarding for you. Enjoy! P.S. Wishing you the best on your home purchase.

8-31-11, 11:15am
Pabst Blue Ribbon? lol

You remind me of us - living in a tiny apartment for around $1,000, just the basics as far as furniture (no sofa even at the moment). Our paychecks just seem to evaporate...

It's so great that you're making enough to get out of debt in six months! I envy you...:)

8-31-11, 3:01pm
CONGRATS!!!! I hope it is a position you really enjoy!!

I had a similar experience. I recently retired because I could. Everyone that I worked with had McMansions. Not me.... and they are all still working.

8-31-11, 8:05pm
Gina---ROFL...Oh my gosh..Professional Bulling Riding. : )

8-31-11, 8:10pm
Y'all are making me laugh so hard. We are looking at houses right now and the realtor can't get it that we don't want anything huge. She keeps showing us 1500 square feet and up. It's hard to find something small and functional but it is out there. Down here in Texas, one can still get something our parents lived in for around $60-$80,000. Are ONLY requirement is that yes, we would have to redo things for height reasons- we are both taller than the average bear. But I am pretty handy and I like things really basic not what is IN style.

I am (quickly) approaching 40. I didn't attend college until I was in my 30's. I think that made a huge difference in going to college just to go to college and going to college to do something I love.

The awesome thing is I still look like a bum when I am out and about and not at work and when I get treated as such I just giggle.

9-6-11, 1:08am
Stuff just brings me down. I would feel worse having money and then buying stuff with it than not having that money at all. hehe.