View Full Version : assisting a freind with interviews techniques

Zoe Girl
9-1-11, 11:28pm
So I have a good friend and he has been out of work for 2 years now. I think he is more depressed than he is letting on but tonight he came for dinner while his wife and baby are out of town and I heard that he did not get the job that he just flew out of state to interview for. He found out right away, poor guy.

In any case the only feedback he is really getting is that his phone interviews are good enough for them to fly him out for an interview, however then in the in person one he is coming across too negative. I suggested a coach or someone who could work with him on mock interviews to address this. Now the question is do I give him feedback myself? I really just want to be his supportive friend however i can see some traits that may not do well in an interview. I am not sure I even want to ask if he wants feedback, just maybe point him in the right direction for support with interviewing (job coaches do this right?)

I think I answered my question,.....