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Zoe Girl
9-3-11, 10:10pm
So i can take Spanish I with the fee waived at one of our neighborhood center under the same or similar grants that I work under, Yeah! It happened very serendipidtiosly (can't spell that). I had just been deciding to take a leave from my 2nd job and then NOT put a million new things on my schedule, and this is just one night a week that actually works with my schedule. We have a lot of schools that have many community activities in the Out of School Time (OST) arena. this school has swim classes and is open for exercise, Spanish and knitting actually. I am hoping to do Spanish II in spring and have a basic foundation at least,

9-4-11, 12:01am
That's great, Zoe.....now couple that with speaking Spanish to everyone you can get to talk to you, with whatever level of words you have, at the same time, and you'll be off and running.

And remember, kids are GREAT to talk to. They are patient, speak themselves in more simple sentence constructions, and have a smaller vocabulary than adults, and they just LOVE to be the person doing the teaching for a change.

Good luck!

9-4-11, 12:12am
One of my fun tricks when I was first learning was to find a station that broadcasts Plaza Sesamo (the Spanish-language version of Sesame Street). It's fantastic for learning Spanish. Good luck!

9-4-11, 4:03am
Muy bien! Is that right? Congratulations on some good news. Hope you enjoy the classes and make a lot of progress.

PS: You might also want to have a look at the Spanish Pod program -- www.spanishpod.com. They have language learning materials available for listening as podcasts as their most basic level subscription. I was looking at their Chinese materials the other day and they look really solid. They do cost a little bit (looks like their cheapest plan is $9/month, with discounts if you sign up for 6 months, but it would be a way of having daily reinforcement. And they focus on practical language use. I may just sign up for this myself -- have been wanting to learn spanish for awhile...


9-4-11, 6:52am
Qué bien ;) ¡Suerte!

Zoe Girl
9-5-11, 8:18pm
Thanks for the tip, I know it takes awhile to learn a language but I think if I study and practice that will make it faster. Plus once I get to being able to read literature then I will really be more fluent (cuz I am a huge reader) I am sure there has to be a way to get Spanish language books for my nook after all.

9-9-11, 4:34pm
^ If you study consistently, you will start to get a real feel for the language. I remember my 'breakthrough' moment quite clearly - I was studying for a Spanish exam and I noticed all of a sudden that I knew intuitively where to place the acute accent marks, even on unfamiliar words. I was gobsmacked, but delighted! Just try to get as much Spanish surrounding you as you can - watch Spanish news online (so you can pause and rewind), read Spanish websites, watch Spanish-language films with Spanish subtitles and maybe even head over to the forums at http://www.wordreference.com.