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9-5-11, 6:16pm
My beekeeping business made almost zero dollars this year because of the drought. There simply wasn't any honey. For the first time in twelve years of at-home-fathering, I'm working outside the home. It's only 17.5 hours a week, and I'm only making $14 an hour, but it fits in nicely with all the at-home-parenting stuff and self-employed stuff I need to do.

For twelve years we've been getting by on take-home-pay of around $2500. I don't know what the deductions from my paycheck will look like, but now we'll be getting an extra $800 or so. That's a pretty good percentage jump.

It will be good to build up our emergency fund a little bit. It's always hovered around $1000 -- nowhere near six months of expenses. I'm hoping it will feel like a little breathing room and our vacations will feel less like exercises in economic folly, (especially traveling to India). We've been living frugally, but it always feels like we're trying to practice upper middle class frugality on a middle middle class income.

9-5-11, 6:23pm
Congrats on the job! Isn't the travel bug great, yet awful? We're not going nearly as far afield as we'd like (made it as far as FL in the car this summer) - it can be terrible to have that itch, but not the budget to match. In any case, sounds like that extra $800 will come in really handy for your family.

9-5-11, 8:18pm
Good luck with it. What is the job? I hope you will keep us updated.

9-5-11, 11:31pm
I'm working as the administrative assistant to the Dean's Office at a local college.

9-5-11, 11:55pm
COngratulations, Paul! Glad you could find something that still allows you time to pursue other interests. Hope this turns out to be a good situation for you and your family.


9-10-11, 11:55pm
Take a little time to figure a small portion of that for treats for the family, as well as a large chunk for saving. In the grand scheme of things, $10 or $20 a week or every other week for lunch out or a special meal, or special hobby supplies or entrance to something (movie, museum, whatever) will not be a huge deal in the bank but might be a huge deal for family bonding and your sanity. Good luck at the new job and congrats!

9-29-11, 4:28pm
I'm working as the administrative assistant to the Dean's Office at a local college.Dose this mean you'll be able to take advantage of a free tuition program, or perhaps free membership at the college gym, etc.? That could be an added bonus.

9-29-11, 4:30pm
Sounds like a great addition to all of your other resources. I hope you enjoy your new job!