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9-6-11, 3:00pm
I have a 2001 Honda Odyssey van and plan on having it another 10 years. I've always taken it in for its servicing every 3,500 miles. I know alot of you do your own car stuff, but DH and I can't do that stuff. The Honda dealership I go to is very unusual in that they are incredibly honest and fair. Yes, we pay more by going to a dealership, but we've decided in the long run, that's the best choice for us.

For a couple years now, they have been telling me that I have a bent wheel (that's the metal round thing that the tire goes on, not the tire). During that time, they've only been able to rotate the tires maybe once.

I'm having some shimmying of the steering wheel and my gas mileage has dropped. They also mentioned that the squeak I'm getting while breaking is from that, and not the brakes.

I thought I remembered them saying that the cost for a new wheel (not tire) would be $125, so I went ahead and made the appointment.........but found out it was $325, which includes labor. GEEZE! So now I'm rethinking it. That's really expensive, but I don't want to not be able to rotate my tires.

When I go tomorrow, I'm going to really make sure I need the new wheel, but I think I probably do. Like I said, these people are very honest. There have been times when I thought I needed something and they convinced me I didn't.

Any insights? I don't want you all telling me that's highway robbery, since I'm not going looking anywhere else... Maybe just some sharing of experience of having a bent wheel.

Dharma Bum
9-6-11, 3:52pm

9-6-11, 4:56pm
Sorry, but what's the harm in looking somewhere else? At least to get an estimate? We had a 2001 Odyssey and had it serviced by a local garage for most things until we sold it. And replacing a wheel is not rocket science. Any place that can replace a tire can replace a wheel.

I am not sure you want to keep that car for another 10 years, though, unless you don't drive it too much. Ours had about 150K on it when we sold it. As you are finding out, the replacement parts for it can be expensive and I would expect the ball joints and other steering components would be getting worn out like ours did. That stuff was not cheap. You may find after you replace the wheel that you also have one of these types of issues.

I have to say I was disappointed with that car (ours) overall over the life of it. One of the reasons to buy a Honda is supposed superior quality. Yet ours had repeated defect issues, including a transmission that needed to be replaced and problems with the power doors and lift gates. Those were all covered by the warranty, but it was annoying to have those issues in the first place.

9-6-11, 5:46pm
Sorry to hear you had bad luck with yours. Hopefully, mine will last at least a couple more years, before it starts really falling apart. I just checked my old receipts, and I've had the bent wheel since 2005! They haven't really rotated since, although I got new tires last year.

I guess our lives are so busy and we're getting just plain tired. For us, its worth paying more to avoid the hassle. I suppose I could have bought a wheel online and taken it somewhere else, but we're just too tired. haha I know that sounds funny, but we're not real mechanical people, nor are we social, so some things end up being difficult for us that might seem easy to others.

Its actually been the best car I've ever had. I did have a few problems with it, but the bigger ones were under warranty.....which ran out a long time ago.
Its such a comfortable car, and we've used it to move the kids to college, to apartments, and I've used it to transport wood/doors/windows for construction, lots of trees and plants, feed and building materials for my chickens,etc., etc. I would love to buy another one someday, but the not-so-great gas mileage makes me think twice.

Fortunately, now that the kids moved out, I don't drive nearly as much. We live out in the country and some days I would drive 80-120 miles/day just for school and other activities. :(
Sorry you had those problems, but for me, I love this car! (knock on wood!)

9-6-11, 8:37pm
To replace a bent wheel is very easy any tire shop can get the wheel and switch tires for you. Shop around for this one.

9-6-11, 9:19pm
But it DOES have to be a Honda wheel, right? And it has to be exactly like the other 3.

9-6-11, 10:15pm
But it DOES have to be a Honda wheel, right? And it has to be exactly like the other 3.
They are a commonly available part. A body shop recently replaced a wheel on our Subaru due to collision damage. The replacement is identical to the other three.

9-6-11, 11:38pm
But it DOES have to be a Honda wheel, right? And it has to be exactly like the other 3.

Yes it has to match the other 3 but any competent tire shop will do that. They may even get a used Odyessy wheel from a wrecking yard or other parts supplier.

9-7-11, 6:56am
Thanks everyone. While I have you here.....why can't a bent wheel be rotated? If its holding air, why can't it be rotated? Maybe since its in the rear, they're thinking the vibration would just be worse in the front?

9-7-11, 1:01pm
The vibration would be worse if the wheel was on the front. A bent wheel will cause abnormal tire ware so it should be replaced.

9-7-11, 2:38pm
Well, I'm now going to owe $1,100......even without the wheel!
I had a number of other things that needed repairs (2 sensors, rear brakes,etc.) The guy tried all different things to figure out what the vibration was really from. He seemed fairly sensitive to not just sell me a wheel without truly figuring it out....which was nice. But he found that one of the front wheels was bent too. So he put both bent wheels on the back and tried to balance things as much as possible.

This stuff was going to take awhile, so he gave me a loaner, which he didn't have to do, but was extremely nice of him, since its going to take 2 days and I live 30 miles from there.
This van is going on 11 years, and I really haven't had much trouble with it, so I guess every so often, we have to pay the piper.
But now this gives me the chance to look for cheaper wheels, should the vibrations still bother me.

9-7-11, 9:05pm
CathyA I think your Honda and my Honda must be cousins. Ours is 2002 - never had a problem until this year a sensor went. That cost about $400. Then it was due last month for a big service. That cost about $550. Now they say it needs new brakes plus the fluids for brakes and differential need replacing. Another $550. As you say it is going on 10 years and we really haven't had much trouble, so we also guess it's time to pay the piper. We don't drive a lot so the mileage is about half of what other vehicles the same age would be and we hope to have it for another 10 years.