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9-8-11, 6:54am
DH and I are trying to live an eco friendly, simple life here on the farm. We have been married 39 years, have three adult children and one grandson.

We moved from a small city a few years ago and now have 4-1/2 acres, a small flock of hens, cats and dogs. I spend the summers gardening and planting trees. The main winter chore is hauling firewood. We're building our own house and living in a construction zone.

9-8-11, 8:29am
Welcome! Sounds like you can teach us some things!

Float On
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9-8-11, 2:30pm
Welcome Marianne! I look forward to hearing more about your homestead!

Sad Eyed Lady
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9-8-11, 10:31pm
Yes, sounds very interesting. Love trees! Come back soon :)

iris lily
9-9-11, 1:25am
Hi neighbor! I'm in Missouri. welcome.

9-9-11, 3:53am
Another neighbor in Missouri, not far from the Kansas state line. Welcome! :)

9-9-11, 7:19am
Thanks for all the warm welcomes! We live about 10 miles NW of Abilene now, farm fields on the north and south, a creek with a dribble of water behind us and plenty of wind. This property was a small dairy farm years ago. Time, termites and trashy owners took it's toll, so we were able to buy it cheap by today's standards. It's taken some time to do the cleanup, hauling off old appliances, tearing down non repairable structures, etc. BUT we ended up with three wells, an old concrete block milk barn and a hay shed. Woo hoo! Oh, and lots of weeds.

9-10-11, 4:14pm
So nice to see you getting involved Marianne! P.S. Over the next few days I plan on visiting your blog. Can't wait!

9-10-11, 7:07pm
Thanks, I'm glad I found the forum!
I like to blog as I have an opinion on pretty much every subject! LOL Oh, except for politics...no opinion there. :o) Living my life more eco friendly, simply...it's a passion of mine. I still haven't really figured out if I'm 'green' or just cheap. :o) Both, actually. It started out as necessity, now it's a choice.

We all learn from each other as long as we keep sharing what works and doesn't work for us, right?

9-10-11, 8:18pm
Welcome Marianne glad to have you here...I know you will enjoy the site!!

10-29-11, 4:08pm
Hi Marianne. Gee, we be neighbors! I'm in Norton Kansas. And I believe this is my first post. I suppose I should officially introduce myself on another thread! Anyway, good to see someone so close by on this forum! Blessings to you and yours, prairiebird.

10-30-11, 8:02am
Hi mrsflib!