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1-10-11, 8:53pm
I've had the same place do my taxes for 5 years or so. This place is an hour's drive, near where I used to live. Last year, it was the actual owner of the business who did my taxes, and he is gruff and argumentative. I'd rather have someone who can have a rational discussion with me, so I feel comfortable about the results. It seems like in certain tax situations, there is not always a right answer. On those issues, I'd like to be able to discuss the pros and cons.

Anyway, what is a good way to find a new CPA? I don't know a lot of people around here. I wouldn't mind asking the people at my Credit Union... Asking librarians at the library. Oh, even the owner of the flower shop. Maybe my neighbors...

What I'd like to do then, if I can get some names, is to drop by 1-2 of them now that it's still early. Maybe ask a few questions, like are they familiar with my type of tax situation? What would they do in this case? etc...

Any other ideas?

1-11-11, 10:29pm
I think we found our tax person from, like, Angies list or something. It has worked out but your method sounds better, actually.

1-12-11, 6:13pm
Rosie - Thanks for the response. I ended up *starting* to go about my plan, and asked the bank tellers. They said they had friends/relatives do theirs.

I had been thinking about this woman who I had met 5 years ago when I tutored her for a class she was taking. I knew she was doing some people's taxes at that time, and was finishing up her accounting degree. So I emailed her yesterday, to get a feel for how experienced she is at this point. And I felt good about some of her replies, so I'm going to go with her.

This simplifies things, which is my affirmation ;)

1-17-11, 10:35am
Talk with folks in the local Chamber of Commerce. Businesspeople all need this service, so you can get plenty of recommendations. If you can get referrals from local businessfolks whom you trust and respect, so much the better.