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9-12-11, 1:43am
Argh, I'm coming up empty here! I've been working at this agency for 6 months now. We've been asked to evaluate two people on my team: me, and someone else.

I've written my evaluation of myself, but I'm clueless about the other guy. He's basically shut me out, won't even talk to me. So he's a stranger. He seems to do his job pretty well, but he's in a totally different section of the building so I wouldn't have much communication if we even talked to each other.

But still, I gotta come up with something that sounds vaguely intelligent. Any suggestions?

9-12-11, 5:55am
"I have had minimal interaction with colleague X, but my impression is that he is competent, a hard worker, and more than qualified to do his job."

Does that work? Seems like a huge waste of time that they ask someone who doesn't work closely with him to evaluate him.

Is he evaluating you, too?


9-12-11, 12:19pm
Yeppers. Everyone evaluates everyone, including themselves.

This is my solution: The evals are due today, and I happen to have a meeting scheduled with my boss anyway. So I'll just go over everything verbally with her and we'll talk about it face to face. The embarrassing thing is that we're on the same team and it's a small team. For a job that involves being a people person by definition, I feel like I don't have any excuse for having him be a stranger. But there it is.

9-12-11, 4:30pm
It will be interesting to see how he evaluates you, for the same reason.