View Full Version : Wow, i might actually have a break from Target

Zoe Girl
9-12-11, 10:54am
Um I put in for a leave of absence from Target and I didn;t think of anything but needing some time off and not wanting to lose the hourly wage I have spent years building up slowly. Now they say that they will review to see if it is a paid medical leave, that means 50% of my average earnings paid. Wow, I know I have been working for them for 5 years and I guess there was some benefit but this is pretty cool.

9-12-11, 10:00pm

iris lily
9-12-11, 11:44pm
That's great, and let us all remember this the next time we trash big box stores. That mom and pop shop it replaced would not have been able to pay ZG 1/2 wages for not being there.

Zoe Girl
9-13-11, 9:28am
There are some advantages to larger companies, and overall T is pretty good. There are frustrations but that is with many places. I recall being upset that the local bank I worked for was bought by a much larger bank and therefore our customers had to call automated systems instead of us and other changes. Well then my daughter had something seriuos, had to go to the hospital and have a month recovery. I was able to take the family medical leave so I could come back easily, the previous bank was too small to be required to do that (not that they wouldnt have tried).

9-16-11, 12:54am
Big smile! You definitely deserve a break and don't you dare pick up some other weekend PT job unless you are desperate. Enjoy your: kids, partner/friend/main squeeze/whatever and time!

Zoe Girl
9-16-11, 9:42am
kids and 'boy toy', okay he doesn't like that much but I think its cute

9-29-11, 5:38pm
Cool - my husband has an interview next week to work in their pharmacy. So that is nice to know! Let us know how it turns out for you. :)

9-29-11, 10:32pm
it is funny though how these things are kinda done regardless of you as a person. i mean, you get the pay based on some chart they look at that was decided way high up. sometimes, those charts and policies benefit people that are not actually deserving and sometimes they hurt people who actually deserve. i just mean to say, i often get perks from a big company name that i don't deserve and then i get passed for things that i do deserve. it is quite funny.