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9-23-11, 12:49pm
On the EE Savings bonds, there are (I think) 2 interest accrual dates each year. Does that mean, for example, if the interest accrual date now is Oct. 1, if we cash it in now, we won't receive any interest on it since the last accrual date?

9-23-11, 1:17pm
Yes, depending on the issue date, you could/would lose the last 6 months of interest if you cash it in before the Oct 1st date. At least that's how it use to be when I had EE bonds. Also, there is some point at which the old EE bonds stop earning interest so as that time you'll want to either cash them or swap them for the HH bonds - if they still have them. Also you shouldn't have to pay any commission or fee to cash savings bonds at your local bank.

This from Treasury Direct:

Savings Bonds must be held one year before redeeming.

If you redeem EE/E Bonds in the first 5 years, you'll forfeit the 3 most-recent months' interest. If you redeem them after 5 years, you won't be penalized.

Bonds Issued May 2005 and After
For Series EE Bonds issued May 2005 and after, interest is added every month. The bonds’ interest rate is fixed and compounded semiannually.

Bonds Issued May 1997 through April 2005
For Series EE Bonds issued May 1997 through April 2005, interest is added every month. The bonds' interest rate is compounded semiannually. The rate announced each May and November for these bonds is applied to a bond for the six-month earning period.

Bonds Issued before May 1997
For most bonds issued earlier than May 1, 1997, interest is added every six months. If you know the month and year when your bond was issued, the tables below will help you determine when interest is added to your bonds.

9-23-11, 2:31pm
Thanks Spartana,
MY DD needs money badly and her next accrual date is Oct. 1, so I'll have her wait until then, since its not far off.