View Full Version : 100 Best Money Moves

9-28-11, 9:04pm

I liked this article from Money Magazine editors. Not just the same old tips, but also very practical. Would be interested what others think of it.

9-28-11, 9:47pm
It seems kind of consumerist to me. I suppose if you are in the market for one of these items, it might help, but if you are, you'd probably be better off just doing some of your own research. But it would be a bad idea simply to buy something because its a "deal". And "the best locale" this year for job/retirement/whatever is merely a curiosity -- I can't imagine packing up and moving somewhere for that.

It makes me wonder if this isn't just disguised advertising.

9-29-11, 6:15pm
Actually, I learned several things reading it. I'm not going to do but one or two of those things in the next 5-6 years, but like reading The Tighwad Gazette it gets me thinking about frugality in ways I usually do not.

10-1-11, 12:07am
Well, I wish pharmaceutical companies were knocking down my door, but I will be looking at jobs near the Boulder area :-) Mostly because I already would have been. A few of the tips are good, but like many money advice tips they are sort of blanded out for the masses, and somewhat consumerist. I'm not taking a vacation in Wherever CA because it costs less than last year! And good luck to anyone who retires in Laramie WY just because they have low taxes. I hope they enjoy wind! I was amused that a couple of the "tips" had to do with following your stocks...which research shows is a great way to wind up losing money and paying fees. Anyway, thanks for posting since maybe people will enjoy a few of the tips.