View Full Version : There are NO NEW products.

9-28-11, 10:48pm
Back in the day, I used to get behind new products and I believed in them. I think they generally were NEW.

But now.....it seems all new products are just the same things dressed up. Did you know that your toothpaste can now perform 70 functions? Not only can it eliminate bad breathe but it can make you have good breathe! Not only can it fight cavities but it can fight the germs that cause cavities! And, it will ALSO help you pass your dental check up TOO!!!!

It seems nothing else is new anymore. Even movies, they are redoing all the old ones.

Let us trade our increase in productivity for less labor instead or more stuff.

9-29-11, 1:13am
Agreed! The "new products" line and their introduction really is a merry-go-round isn't it. I can't honestly remember the last time I actually watched a commercial on television for a new and unique product, everything is the same.

9-29-11, 7:17am
I am old enough to agree with the OP and regarding life in general.... 'there is nothing new under the sun' Ecclesiastes 1:9.

9-29-11, 7:43am
That's pretty much it from my angle, too. I worked for a food broker for a lot of years and saw how difficult and expensive it is for any 'new' product to make it to the grocery shelf. A lot of it was 'more of the same'. If a product didn't have the financial backing of one of the big names, it usually didn't get too far.

But I remember when computers were first offered to homes and getting our first DVR was (and still is) worth every cent to me. Surgical procedures continue to advance, etc, but corporate greed remains the same.

9-29-11, 8:17am
Tide said NEW AND IMPROVED on the box all the time I was growing up.

OTOH, the variations on technology are often really cool. Cell phones that can pretty much do what my home computer used to have trouble with; Kindle; watching TV shows on my laptop.

Maybe because people have been doing the things that household products do ever since the species moved indoors, the products for that can only be just so new.