View Full Version : Repair Clock

9-30-11, 10:59am
I found a nice new wall clock at the local recycle swap shed. However, the motor is not working properly. I have swapped out the battery and find the clock not cooperating.

Is it possible to change out the motor? This is a Bulova brand and I love the style and color. Any ideas how to salvage a fab freebie?

9-30-11, 12:11pm
a lot of stores have replacement works for wall clocks. Joanns crafts used to (cant say they still do). Should be a lot online too. Craft stores have them for people who make clocks out of all kinds of crazy things.

9-30-11, 9:49pm
I've "fixed" a couple of wall clocks with new batteries, actually hanging them, then resetting them several times- these particular clocks won't run laying flat, they have to hang. After several resets they started working again, and experience tells me now that they will be fine until the battery runs down again. Other than that, I'd recommend hunting through yard sales or checking your local freecyle, or just replace the "works" - Michael's carries those, too. The length of the stem is important, so be sure to measure it before you start looking for replacements.