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Sad Eyed Lady
10-1-11, 8:11pm
We built our house 17 years ago and all our appliances were installed new at the time except for a washer and dryer that we already had. Now, my oven has acted up a couple of times and it was repaired. This past week, it went out completely and being the age it is, the parts are no longer made for it. No repair. So, after checking our local scratch & dent place with NO luck, we went comparison shopping at Home Depot, HH Gregg, and Sears. My range is a drop in and therefore more expensive than a freestanding one would be. I have no alternative place to put a free standing and so I am locked into the drop in. These have to be ordered, they are not kept in stock. Sears gave us the best deal, even telling me about an upcoming sale the next day that would save me even more. So, here we are. Just bite the bullet and do it. If this one last 17 years like the last one, (getting the same brand), then I guess it will be okay. And to think that I actually know people who do this for fun! I mean, buy new furniture/appliances etc. when it's not needed, just wanted. Oh my!:(

10-1-11, 8:26pm
Well, how much?

Sad Eyed Lady
10-1-11, 8:39pm
Range, delivery, installation and take away the old one: $921.58

10-1-11, 11:36pm
Well, actually that's not too bad! I thought you were talking over $1500 or so.

10-1-11, 11:40pm
considering it includes installation, that's great. :D

10-2-11, 5:06am
I feel your pain. ;) We had to replace all of the appliances and more recently that came with our house 20 years ago when we purchased it brand new. They all stopped functioning one by one. Frig, stove, dishwasher, washer, dryer, furnace, AC, roof was leaking, windows were sticking and breaking, garage doors literally fell apart. It was like the structure of the house was still quite sound, but everything else failed. Well, we bit the bullet and did the best we could with sales, etc. and bought the most energy efficient that we could afford. I must say it has been well worth it. Our utility bills are much lower now, and I love my new stove and frig! So enjoy your new range, Shalom Poet. I'm sure you will find it to be worth every penny. And yeah, I don't understand the people that buy these things for fun, just because they want to change things up! :0!

And that is a good price! :)

10-2-11, 8:58am
I don't like to spend large amounts of money, either. So in a way I feel your pain, but since we're building a house and buying everything all at once, $921.58 sounds like a fantastic bargain! :)

10-2-11, 9:24am
I don't get any thrill about having to buy new appliances either so I'm with you, purchasing only when something finally dies. It sounds like you did your best keeping the old oven going for as long as you did so don't feel badly about having to finally buy another. I hope you are able to enjoy the new oven for as many years, or even more!

Miss Cellane
10-2-11, 10:18am
There's nothing wrong in spending money on tools that you use. If you cook at home most of the time, a stove is a necessary tool.

It's also a very expensive tool, and I can completely understand your feelings in spending that much money in one fell swoop. But look at it this way--round the cost of the stove up to $1000. If stove lasts 10 years, it averages out to $100 a year. Surely you save more than that by cooking and eating meals at home. Bonus points if you enjoy cooking and it's a hobby for you.

And with a little luck, this stove will be more energy efficient, saving you on fuel costs. And if you're really lucky, there may be some new, useful features that will make cooking easier. Of course, the flip side of that is that there are bound to be new, useless features that will drive you nuts.

You do the best you can in keeping things, like cars and stoves and furnaces and power drills and radios working. But at some point, nearly everything wears out and needs replacing. I keep my computers going for years--10 years is my record. And then I get a new computer and I'm just amazed at how much faster it is, how much better the image on the screen is and all the bells and whistles. Same thing when I finally broke down and bought a new car after nursing my first car along for 15 years. The heater worked! The radio worked! The steering wheel was more responsive. It was like changing from a horse and buggy to a sports car, the differences were so great.

So don't beat yourself up over this. Be happy that you kept the old stove going for 17 years. And enjoy the new stove and all its features.

Sad Eyed Lady
10-2-11, 10:24am
Thanks everyone for your replies and positive reinforcement! I am actually looking forward to getting the new stove installed now that the decision has been made. Like Miss Cellane and Wildflower have pointed out, this new appliance may be more energy efficient than the old one, thereby saving on energy bills. With the old oven I had started having to up the temperature and cooking time, so I know I was using more energy just doing that. Yes, if this one lasts for 17 years I will be very happy! Good point Miss Cellane, $100.00 per year even at 10 years life................ sounds much better that way!!!!!

10-2-11, 10:37am
I have always loved the drop-in models! So clean and refined and modern looking. I say embrace your new purchase and enjoy!