View Full Version : job changes and what to tell supervisor I want

Zoe Girl
10-4-11, 11:13am
There are job changes, eek, I have been working on stability and not chasing the job of the week or being too impulsive and now it changes without my input.

So it is complicated, i am not sure i totally understand what is available. One position would be great however it is only funded for sure for a year. I know they have funded this type of position for at least 8 years but still not sure. I need to go back to my supervisor with some questions and a decision this week. Here is what I want to ask or say is my priority.

* what is the stability of each job
* does this affect the pay rate or hours (we are paid for 10 months of work which means I can pick up extra work on the summer with camps)
* is there a difference in career potential, ie can I learn grant writing which is important to my field
* what can you tell me about variety in each position, this is the one I am not sure about. I know I do better with crisis and variety however i am still not sure that this question is professional

Hmm, I have enough change but looks like I need to deal with this one


10-8-11, 2:45am
I would say, yes ask about the day to day tasks and how much they vary if that will be important. I don't think it sounds unprofessional...some people like variety and others do better with only a few of the same tasks again and again. Ideally, the supervisor will match you up with a job description that better matches both your desires/skills and the employer's needs. In the best case this becomes win/win since you are doing what you like and you'll probably do it better than something you don't. Putting it in those terms will probably help.

Sorry if the meeting already occurred; this is my first chance in a week to get on SLFs.