View Full Version : civil war look alikes

10-4-11, 12:41pm
this is totally frivolous, but it's super freaky... found it online... good harmless fun
celebrity civil war look alikes


10-4-11, 1:59pm
Mtnlaurel. Totally freaky/spooky! For the better part of my life I have wondered about doubles (look-a-likes) related to the human race. Thanks for this.

10-4-11, 3:08pm
I thought the one who was supposed to look like a young George Bush really looked more like a young Paul Newman. And the Lincoln one was a total miss. The John Travolta one seemed spot on.

10-4-11, 3:19pm
I love the Christian Bale Civil War Look-a-like! The Civil War soldier reminds me (totally) of the bearded man in Home Alone, the man who came to the rescue of Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin).