View Full Version : Odd Browser Behavior

Anne Lee
10-5-11, 6:05pm
I have Google Chrome. I notice today that ads are opening up randomly in new tabs. Any ideas why this is happening?

10-5-11, 8:06pm
Ugh. I ditched Chrome. It was too weird. Cannot help you, sorry! I recommend asking... The Google...

10-6-11, 9:35am
No idea, but whenever I see weird computer behavior, I run a virus/malware checker or three to make sure my computer hasn't been compromised. The ones I use are Avast (on all the time), Spybot, and Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware.

Anne Lee
10-7-11, 7:04am
I think it was an ad on a site I regularly visit as the only time I notice the "pop tab" was when I opened that page.