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Zoe Girl
10-7-11, 10:47pm
It is bound to happen ya know, running across things and not expecting the reaction. So I was looking for some teacher stuff for my job supervising after school programs and so i opened all my 'teacher boxes' I have 300-500 childrens book all leveled, bagged and labeled. I have copious amounts of pencils for prizes. I have sticker, organizers for table groups, charts that hold cards, name tags for desks, you name it. I could set up a classroom today. And yeah there are no teaching jobs here, not in Colorado. I have 4 years to get my son through high school and then I can decide if I want to stay with OST (out of school time) or school day work.

Good news is that I found the French children's books, the bag of gaming dice and lots of other goodies.

10-8-11, 12:11am
I feel for you Anne. There are no teaching jobs in a lot of areas in this country. It is so difficult to be all ready to go "to the party" and the "invitation never comes"! I remember reading somewhere that you can't see where you are going until you quit looking behind you. I hope that you will find something good to look forward to!

10-8-11, 6:48am
Zoe, why not let go of this stuff and give it to a local school to use? Keep only the stuff you need to start up again when and if you go back to teaching. Just a suggestion...

Zoe Girl
10-8-11, 6:58pm
I had to let it sit a few days to decide what I wanted to do. I run 3 schools of after school care so the crayons and the mega load of pencils will go to them. I can use the pencils as mini rewards as i go to my schools to encourage some good behavior.

The books, well what I looked through I really wanted to keep,then I noticed that some books I didn't care about, some teachers and my sister gave me 5 copies of certain books that would be great if I was teaching 4th grade. I know the schools have these sets of books as needed so I am going to at least cull out the books. Now the BOB books I worked hard to collect, I am keeping those! There are others that I felt are excellent books and hard to find. I can use them as my 'Ms. Anne's travel box' along with my puzzles and activities.

My teacher books, well some are so worthwhile like the expensive one on how the gifted brain learns or the art book that is so very good, those I will keep but also start working them into my current job.

Okay, thanks for feeling my pain!

Mrs. Hermit
10-8-11, 7:21pm
I'm glad you found a use for them that you are comfortable with.