View Full Version : Job Fairs--what's your take on them?

10-9-11, 6:46pm
Has anyone here ever attended a job fair? If so, was it worth your while? Did it lead to a job?

There's one coming up this week around here. I've never attended one but I admit I am curious.


10-9-11, 8:28pm
If unemployed or looking for new work, a job fair is an opportunity to network. I knew that our agency once went even though there was no hiring and used it to explain the jobs that could open up and what types of work the agency did. Good practice too for meet and greet.

10-10-11, 12:41am
I have never been impressed with them as a means to get a job. But that is just my experience, I don't want to discourage you as you might run into better job fairs than I have. My experience with job fairs is pretty old anyway, I didn't do them this time, but in the LAST (2001 or so) recession I went to a few (yea I do seem to wind up unemployed for awhile in every recession >8)).

10-10-11, 6:50am
I personally have found them to be a waste of time, both on the attending end as well as the presenting end (when I was looking to hire someone). The only time I would attend one is if the hiring managers are present, but the booths are usually staffed by HR, so I don't see any advantage.

10-10-11, 8:59am
You might get some ideas on what is possible and the networking is good.

10-10-11, 9:12am
Many stands in job fairs are staffed by companies who are looking to find self-employed salespeople, e.g. life insurance and financial services companies looking for sales agents. Others are franchise owners who are really looking for people to buy the company product first, so they can "learn about it" and become "knowledgable salespeople." When they start crowing about "you set your own hours! Your earning potential is unlimited!", you are probably on to one of those. But you never know...it doesn't hurt to look around and practice meet-and-greet and two-minute interviews.

10-10-11, 11:10am
Find out what the target of the job fair is first, are there going to be employers you are even interested in. One positive about the job fair is you actually get to talk with a live person, instead of just blindly sending in a resume on-line. If it has been a while since you've had any interviews it could also give you some practice in how to present yourself to a potential employer again.

10-10-11, 9:30pm
Good points! Thank you. I actually don't have any idea who is going to be there but will look into it.

10-11-11, 11:44am
My husband got an internship from a college job fair. I went to several in college and landed a couple interviews. I agree it is a good way to build your networking skills. Also, if you are a university graduate, I know the job fair here is not limited to current students. Alumni can come and also can use the career services center.