View Full Version : Now, one more way to spread the word!

10-9-11, 11:34pm
We've done it, started our own Facebook page! Come join us there as well, and Like us and help us spread the message of FI even farther in the social world. Quotes, financial definitions, links to video of interest to FIers, class announcements, and more. We'd especially like some feedback on the first draft of a video version of the 9-Steps Guide, available for viewing on our page. Post some of your favorite resources or links to stimulating discussion threads, or just check out what we're posting: we'd love to see you there.


10-10-11, 6:31pm
Nice! I "liked" it and will take a look at some of the videos later - it looks like there is one that will fit right in with our homeschooling curriculum :)

10-10-11, 6:41pm
Woo hoo!