View Full Version : Cleaning windows......newspaper works!

10-10-11, 6:48pm
I've heard that using newspaper instead of paper towels works well for cleaning windows, but I never tried it. I needed to clean alot of windows and didn't want to use a whole role of paper towels. The newspaper worked GREAT! No streaks at all! So much better than paper towels! But be sure to wear gloves of some sort, since it makes your hands black! I wonder why it doesn't make the windows black?
Anyhow.....give it a try. Works great!

10-10-11, 8:13pm
And then again.....I use pieces of old white t-shirts. They provide the strength to scrub. I can use only 3 rags to clean 59 windows, inside and out. And I really don't care too much about lint, not that there is very much. Wipe clear to the edge and the lint is minimal. And I use a mixture of half water and half white vinegar. And never wash in the sunshine.

10-11-11, 11:03am
The old newspaper trick is one I long forgot about! I remember it from my teen years! The parents of one of my friends swore by it, using newspapers for both house windows and vehicle windows. Craziest thing ever, I thought, as I was witness to how effective it actually worked. Thanks for resurrecting a distant memory for me CathyA!

I use old cotton-flannelette diapers to do windows. Soft, absorbent, lint-free! Windows buff to a shine!!!

10-11-11, 5:00pm
I like the newspaper trick--have used it a lot. But now that I'm reading newpapers online, I don't have much newspaper to "recycle" on windows!! My alternative are those wonderful microfiber cloths.

10-19-11, 4:00pm
I was very happy with my clean, clear windows after cleaning them with windex and newspaper. But last weekend, I was cooking/washing the dishes and the windows all got steamed up. And you could see every single swipe!! haha I wiped it down again and it was fine, but it was funny to think they were so clear, and then the steam happened. lol!

10-22-11, 2:36pm
CathyA. There's a product I use called Bon Ami (power foam glass cleaner), and nothing works like it! It is (bar none), the best window cleaner in the world!!!