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10-10-11, 11:26pm
I was trying to find a baby doll made in the USA for a grand-daughter and I came up with nothing. I did find a site that listed a lot of stuff that is not made in China.


So I am looking for ways to buy American, or even from any country that pays living wages, has rights for workers etc.

I am thinking that I am going to have to sew a doll, then the clothes (I don't know if I can find fabric made in the USA or Europe or Australia etc.) which I am willing to do, but I am also thinking, what a sad state of affairs and no wonder we are all having such financial problems.

10-10-11, 11:44pm
you might consider cottage industry folks via etsy or a similar web site.

10-11-11, 12:06am
Although they don't seem to have any doll-babies, here's another good site for gift buying: http://www.tenthousandvillages.com/

10-11-11, 12:46am
I second the suggestion of Etsy. So much wonderful stuff out there, all cottage industry.

10-11-11, 10:33am
Or check for Canadian or South American made? At least it would be on the same continent.

10-11-11, 11:58am
Supposedly, you can find both Gotz and Corolle baby dolls still made in Europe. I'm skeptical, but they're good quality dolls, so it's worth a try.

10-11-11, 3:46pm
Supposedly, you can find both Gotz and Corolle baby dolls still made in Europe. I'm skeptical, but they're good quality dolls, so it's worth a try.

Yes, I have been finding that some of the Gotz and Corolle dolls, as well as some others are made in Europe. Not all of them, but some of the line. Gotz dolls used to be made here in NY until 2004. They just can't compete with the cheap imports, so we got what we asked for. You have to read the info carefully about origin of the doll. I found one from Germany I really like so I will pay 10x the walmart price as it is non toxic and a very cute doll. I will only buy one, and make clothes instead of buying a pile of imported stuff. Quality not quantity. I have been reading about the controls of toys coming into the US and there is little scrutiny as to what materials are used. I have found no dolls made in Canada, besides some rag dolls which I could make. I was hoping for a vinyl type doll that could go in the bathtub etc.

I have nothing against the Chinese, I am sure like the rest of the world they only want to get ahead and work. But we will have no jobs in the EU or US if everything is made elsewhere and most of us had friends and relatives who made a very good living working in a factory doing respectable hard work. We can't all be brain surgeons or lawyers. There has to be work for normal people, similar to buying food locally. I have also noticed it pays to read labels if you buy any food packaged or canned. Some of our food comes from countries I can't even pronounce or locate on a globe.

10-11-11, 4:17pm
Apparently, this is a common concern. Too bad the list is so short.

10-11-11, 5:05pm
also, consider trying 10,000 VIllages or similar fair trade shops. Our fair trade shop has several nice wooden toys, several nice soft dolls and stuffed animals, puzzles, etc that are decently priced, well made, and fair trade.