View Full Version : Kroger.......no more super couponing

10-12-11, 12:51pm
I guess Kroger grocery chain feels they are losing money with the people who super-coupon. Does this affect any of you?

10-12-11, 2:11pm
I am not surprised since so much TV has brought the possibilities to light. I don't think that mainstream folks gave it that much credit until the reality shows hit TV.

10-12-11, 2:51pm
I haven't shopped at one for several years now as their prices are considerably higher than the other grocery stores around. I never got into the super coupon thing anyway. :o)

10-12-11, 4:59pm
We have a store in that chain, but I don't really use coupons much, so it won't affect me. Not surprised, though!

10-12-11, 7:22pm
Since I'm not really sure what super-couponing is I guess it won't affect me. Most of the time I find coupons are for things I don't buy, usually processed foods, but I still keep my eyes open just in case.