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Zoe Girl
10-13-11, 10:26am
So after a lovely honeymoon period with our newish supervisor I can feel at least some tension with me and her. She was here a month or so before school ended last year and then we have summer off so it has been less than 6 months working together.

She is very gung ho and is working hard on getting us lots of partnerships with different organizations so we can stay funded and that is great. meanwhile she has never done this exact job before, the rest of us have at most a years experience and the basics need a lot more time and attention (dare I say it, supervision?) So now we have an overfull plate of curriculum after school, some staff who need more support in how to do the curriculum because they are new and/or do not speak or read English well enough, and I am seeming to every week get a note, email or something about a missing peice of information or a task not finished. The last email was 3 paragraphs but at least said 'how can I support you'. I have a 'verbal warning' for not getting payroll signatures on the first payroll of the year when I was subbing every day. I didn't argue or get defensive, but the next payrolls have been signed quickly ( I have to go to each site and get each staff to sign, and I haven't wanted to interfere while I am trying to get them to focus on the kids more).

It doesn't help that I am 15 to 20 years older than her and everyone else, I am the single mom of 3 kids who often need to go to the Dr and I know I struggle with remembering things like collecting data. I did it the way i really hate yesterday and called all my schools in the middle of program and had them count the kids I needed data on. This job pays 15K less than my basic living expenses and I feel like I am not even doing this right. My staff thinks I am great, but there is a change and I am losing one school and the supervisor comment was that 'nothing for them will change'. Yeah, the relationships i built with kids, families and administration does not just transfer over with a new person and personality.

I guess this is a vent, or maybe how do you express this to the boss when everyone else seems to get everything done. I know I am getting things done, and I want her to look at my list and set some priorities. There are projects that no one else has even worked on but they do not seem like a priority based on what I see. So maybe just clarifying (and then putting all the fun development I am strong in on teh back bruner) will help. :(

10-13-11, 2:30pm
I think you're right that you need to have the supervisor sit down and prioritize. My DH is a teacher, and he says he could work 24 hours a day and still not get it all done. I think people don't understand that just because there is a curriculum, it's not as easy as taking something off of a plate and handing it to the kids. Your job sounds the same way, especially with the relationship-building component, too.

From your end, could you make a daily/weekly/monthly checklist of all of the admin stuff to do, like getting signatures, so that you could chunk these tasks up a little and not have them pile up?

Hang in there!

Zoe Girl
10-14-11, 1:19pm
I think that is good, I want to go through meeting notes and emails to create a giant list. I talked to some people who have been doing this awhile and got some good ideas to handle going to schools ane forgetting things for staff. Then I want to go through the list and ask what is a priority for a grant and what is for another person that will bug her, and what is inner group.