View Full Version : Last full day!!!!!

10-15-11, 11:29am
Wow! For those of you who know my posts, wow! Looks like I made it through a very crazy and insane work environment! Today is my last full day, a lunch shift and then a patio shift and then a two hour cleaning shift tomorrow, then on Monday I get a free ride from the company from the North Rim to St. George on their shuttle van, AND THAT'S IT! I am so looking forward to seeing that shuttle van drive off in the distance down Bluff Road and knowing that then and there my season is over except for a few payroll formalities! I have nothing but good feelings to see this season over....no ambivalance at all this time around. Looking forward to being more present here, too! Rob

10-15-11, 12:19pm
Congrats, Rob. It will be nice to see you around more, and glad you survived it!

iris lily
10-15-11, 12:23pm
Welcome back home, when you get there!

Sad Eyed Lady
10-15-11, 1:40pm
Congrats for another season over!

10-15-11, 7:35pm
Yay, Rob! Glad you made it through this tough season. HOpe your next gig is much less stressful. We look forward to seeing you more here.


10-16-11, 8:57am
Woot woot! :) Welcome back to the land of the simple livers, LOL!

10-16-11, 9:34am
You made it Rob, yeedog! It's Sunday now so I hope you are enjoying your new day of freedom, watching the sun come up over the canyon (or sleeping in if you prefer) and enjoying some fond good-byes of the beautiful area. Best wishes as this new time in your life unfolds (and have a fun time in Las Vegas).

10-19-11, 11:42pm
Thanks for the replies all! I am here in Vegas in my motel room and am taking it very very very easy. So glad to be here and have the season over and have this breather before I tackle projects in Phoenix.....If anyone plans on passing through Vegas any time soon, make it a point to check out the conservatory there - free to the public.....The garden displays there for Fall are incredible. Will start being more present here and also will be working on downsizing yet more of my stuff, the goal is to get rid of the bulk of it and make some decisions the next couple of months.....Rob