View Full Version : Target Towels Shedding LIKE CRAZY !

10-18-11, 9:25pm
I bought some bath towels at Target. They are "Home" by Target.

Originally I bought red and they shed like crazy! Even after washing twice alone. My bed, where I fold them, was covered in red.

So I exchanged for black.

When I get out of the shower, and use the towel, I am covered in black fuzz. I have washed them five times now and they still shed.

Do I continue to just let them shed and maybe it will go down eventually??? (I think it may be going down now?) or return them?


Float On
10-19-11, 7:27am
Last time I bought towels it was at Target, maybe 2 years ago and they were red and I didn't have that problem at all. Sounds like another product that has declined in quality.

10-19-11, 9:44am
We bought towels at Target less than a year ago and they shed a lot in the dryer, judging from the lint screen. It's also the first time any of our bath towels have had a hem fall apart. I won't buy them again. I grew up with towels from JC Penneys, and later from Land's End, and they're great.

10-19-11, 10:59am
New towels... major pet peeve of mine! Hate new towels WAP (with a passion)!!! They absorb diddly!

Heydude. Have patience, the shedding and fabric cast-off will lessen with each washing. My experience with new towels tells me that your new towels will need yet another 5-6 washings just to start absorbing right (semi-properly), and to rid them of further loose fluff. Darker colours are always worse than lighter colours.

10-21-11, 5:47am
I bought some towels at Gordmans a few years back (used to be called The Half Price Store) that I've been very happy with...

10-26-11, 11:14am
Return them!

11-1-11, 10:33am
I bought red towels from Penny's two years ago and they shed like crazy. Even after 5 or 6 washings, they just didn't let up so I returned them and bought white ones. I have had no trouble since.