View Full Version : Shout Color Catcher.........good product!

10-19-11, 3:51pm
I don't know how they do this, but I have just recently used this product and it seems to work just as it is advertised!
Of course, I would never put anything new or red in with whites, but there are times when I need to wash something that has 2 tones in it........like red and white. Sometimes it comes out with the white being pink, etc.
These are sheets you put into the washer with the stuff you're worried about the dye running, and the dye goes into these sheets, instead of into anything else.
I think they work great. Although I do recommend several sheets of them at once.
Its magic!

10-20-11, 5:04pm
Hey Cathy -
What is this and how does it work? I try to save water by doing only big loads, and that usually means mixing colors. I only use cold water and it's usually okay, but occasionally there is something new that I'd like to throw in.

10-20-11, 5:26pm
Hi Gardenarian,

You just throw in a few of these sheets into your wash, and any dye floating around in the water is picked up by it. Like I said, its magic! haha
Its put out by SC Johnson. The box does say that it might not work with large amounts of new, dark colored items (if you put them in with lighter things).
It seems to get good reviews.