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10-23-11, 2:52pm
I broke my cell phone while out of town (dropped it in water). I have a Straight Talk pay as you go phone. I bought a new one and attempted to transfer my number. Imagine the surprise when their own customer service number directed me to a scam that says "you have won a prize. A small shipping fee is required" And very aggressive non English speaking folks demanded a cc number or debit card number. They didnt get it of course. My number was deleted by their system and all my contacts lost. Its insane. Numerous calls and emails later, i still dont have my old number back. What is the best pay as you go plan? obviously not this one!

10-23-11, 3:32pm
I just have a pay as you go phone from AT&T. I don't use it much and I can tell you if you drop the phone in the water, just go buy another goPhone and put the sim card in it. That's what I did when my son dropped my in the sink.

early morning
10-23-11, 4:51pm
I have Boost pre-paid mobile - cheapest we've found for us, we don't use them much. DH ran over his with the car and was able to get the sim card out and put it in another Boost phone, no hassle, no contacting the company.

10-23-11, 6:12pm
We have tracfones and have successfully transferred the same number AND the remaining units over from a broken phone to a new phone.

10-23-11, 7:48pm
thanks for the replies. This one required me to go online, go through a series of crap which let me to a number that send me to scammers. After numerous calls I think I have gotten my number back if i want to purchase another phone. They never could answer how my call was re routed to the ones demanding a cc#.

10-23-11, 8:13pm
Good information. I'm thinking of going that way as I washed (and dried) my husbands cell phone (CDMA no SIM card) and had to buy him a new one at retail $$.