View Full Version : WWOOF-USA looking for program manager for position in new Bay Area office

10-28-11, 6:50am
Saw this and thought it might be of interest to people here, or people connected to people here. WWOOF-USA is looking for a program manager. Job is based in their new Bay Area office. Pay is kind of low for the Bay area (upper 30s/lower 40s), but might be an interesting "right livelihood" type position for someone who can live frugally.


WWOOF-USA = Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms - USA.

Good luck!


Zoe Girl
10-28-11, 11:03am
Okay, 4 more years to get my son through Denver School of the Arts and then I can start looking at jobs like these or overseas. that is if I could stand to leave Colorado, but still looks like a great chance.