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Zoe Girl
1-13-11, 12:18am
for a supervisory position within my organization that would be supervising 4 schools instead of based at only one school. The pay is better but not a giant leap and I think I would be eligible for benefits right away. I will be one step closer to not needing 2 jobs and it will use more of my experience. The interview is Tuesday morning and I will let you all know.

1-13-11, 5:47am
Is this really what you what to do? It will be less interaction with kids (?).
But it might be an offer that could be turned down.
Anyway, best wishes to you!

Zoe Girl
1-13-11, 11:14am
I am already seriously underearning so yeah, any improvement and chance at only working one job will be something I cannot turn down. Now off to get some of the gray out of my hair and make sure I will have a clean interview outfit.

1-13-11, 12:38pm
Yay! Please keep us posted!

1-13-11, 12:41pm
good luck to you!

1-13-11, 3:45pm
Sending massive good luck vibes your way -- they would be lucky to have you in the position, you know :)


Zoe Girl
1-15-11, 12:39pm
Thank you all, a nice combination of working with kids and my management background. I got a sweater (on sale) for the interview too.

1-15-11, 10:09pm
Good luck! Let us know how it goes! ;-)

1-16-11, 1:27pm
I have been following your "saga" for a long time...because it has so many similarities to my life path. I taught in the public school system for 4 years and left to have and raise my 2 children. When it was time for me to return to teaching, there were simply no jobs available. I searched and searched and searched some more, but there were no teaching jobs for me. Then, I got a position as the administrator of a large childrens' center with 300 children ranging from 6 weeks old through 3rd grade. I loved it! I did it for 24 years at 3 different sites. I loved it so much more than teaching. For me, it was the best of both worlds. I got to interact with the children, their parents, and the staff members. I really felt that it best used my talents and abilities. I never made a lot of money, but I never looked back! Good luck on your interview...I hope that you get the job and it brings you all the joy and challenge that my job brought to me.

Zoe Girl
1-18-11, 2:22pm
Hi all, i had the interview today and feel really good about it. The only question I was concerned about was where they asked for my future plans based on having a masters in education (i am overqualified in education). Think I did well by talking about wanting to use both my management and education backgrounds to really grow and be challenged.

So I should find out this week, I would have benefits!!! (means I am not tied to target as my weekend job) and start later in the morning so I could help my son get to school. That is a major issue since he has a sleep problem like all my kids. (right now I am at work at 6 am every day). I also would have an office space in the same building as where the district hosts the on-line school that my daughter attends so i could keep tabs on her, ha! \

Okay, I will let you know but I need a nap. My current schedule is 6 am to 6 pm with a break in the middle and sometimes I need my naps.

1-18-11, 11:42pm
Zoe all my fingers and toes are crossed for you.....

1-19-11, 3:56pm
Zoe all my fingers and toes are crossed for you.....

mine too!

This sounds like it would be a great fit for you and your family. It almost seems like you would be able to be much more creative with work in before-after school programs, since you wouldnt have to worry about all the NCLB nonsense and could really do some innovative stuff. Hope it works out for you!


Zoe Girl
1-25-11, 7:53am
So I heard last night and I got the job! I will know more details tomorrow like the pay rate but I do know there are benefits included as I understand. The hours would be more like 930 to 6 instead of the 6 am shifts since my schools have no before school programs. In any case I am feeling pretty good and have to get to work!

1-25-11, 8:30am
I am feeling pretty good and have to get to work!Go!!!!!! 8-))

That last part is what so many seem to forget - now that you've got the job, you have to prove you're worth more than what they're paying you.

1-25-11, 10:13am
Way to go, girl!!!!

iris lily
1-25-11, 10:27am
zoe zoe zoe way to go! way to go!

This could turn ot to be a nice long term job for you.

1-25-11, 10:31am

1-25-11, 12:39pm
Congratulations Zoe!! I hope that this job is the perfect "fit" for you. I hope that you feel proud of yourself for not giving up.

Zoe Girl
1-25-11, 12:46pm
Thank you all, I tolde one parent that I have been helping with her son and his behavior and communication with the school and she hugged me! She said it was about time I got a break somewhere which was so sweet. I made sure I had the proposed behavior communication plan to the teacher and assistant principal yesterday so hopefully we can get that started for them before I leave.

And Jonathan you are right, I need to make my impression starting this job. I made a good impression with the job I started in August which set the groundwork for this one and I am very happy considering what was happening in the rest of my life.

Float On
1-25-11, 12:49pm

1-25-11, 4:34pm
Congrats! So happy to hear this worked out for you!

1-25-11, 4:41pm

SCORE! So proud of you. Go rock this job!


Simpler at Fifty
1-25-11, 4:43pm

early morning
1-25-11, 6:14pm
Oh, Zoe, that's great!!

1-26-11, 4:15pm
Sending out good vibes to you -- hope you aced that interview.