View Full Version : Another 'hello' from Kansas...

10-29-11, 4:22pm
Hi, I'm Robin. We've been slowly working our way toward simple living, with the project of building our home in a few years on the horizon. I love learning new things, meeting new people and feeling like I'm doing this beautiful earth (our home) some good as well as the people I journey with.

I am an unreligious Christian which makes me too unconventional for the churched Christians in my little town and the rest just don't know how to put me in a box! Needless to say, it gets lonely at times.

So, I'm glad I'm here. I hope to make new friends as well as contribute to the uplifting and encouraging atmosphere with my ideas and thoughts.


10-29-11, 5:01pm
Welcome, Mrsflib! I've often wondered about us, "Mrs" on the boards, and whether or not we tend to think alike Re: our simple living/frugal practices. :)

10-29-11, 9:46pm
Welcome to the 'hood, mrsflib....soon to be prairiebird! :)