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10-30-11, 8:00pm
I'm feeling Christmasey tonight and was thinking about Christmas music from my youth. So, what Christmas album takes you back? Way back. The one that takes me back to my childhood is Mitch Millerís Christmas sing-along vinyl album with tear out lyric pages. Medium back is Andy Williams Christmas album and Julie Andrews Christmas album. I have the vinyl albums, the cassettes and now the cdís. Technology changes but nostalgia is constant.

I think I know what generated this topic, we just watched 'It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown' and now have 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' set to go.

10-30-11, 8:24pm
Darn it, darn it, darn it! You stole Andy Williams from me, Goldensmom! :laff: We played and played that Christmas album again and again, year, after year, after year. A Christmas tradition (in our house) it was.

I can smell the mandarin oranges right now, and taste the crunch of the wonderful selection of Christmas nuts. I'm getting into the spirit early this year.


10-30-11, 8:53pm
Nat King Cole. I am in the process of junking a couple hundred vinyl albums right now, like this week. I tried to sell them, but the vinyl purists are not interested. The charity shops will take them, but two told me that they mostly toss them, as they do not sell except to the serious collectors, who are very fussy and then they are left with less-than-perfect albums that no one wants.

So, I am planning a public art project. A friend is helping me, I hope. I saw some cool purses, e-book holders and clocks on a couple of crafting sites, but whilst you can make tons of those, you can sell only a few, and I am guessing that most of them will go into the trash some week. Truthfully, I have been trying to do this for weeks now and just cannot bring myself to do it.

Maybe I will keep the holiday ones and amuse our grandbabies with them.

10-30-11, 9:02pm
Juds. I love so many of Nat's Christmas versions. So rich and full.

10-30-11, 9:04pm
Johnny Cash, Statler Bros, Crystal Gayle, Mac Davis, the Christmas Collection with all the oldies by Bing Crosby and his era... Of course, I have tenors and piano music on tapes

We checked our vinyl player one evening and found that it quit, not worth repairing so got tossed. What do we do with our old vinyls?

I am so aggravated with the constant tech changes - vinyl, tapes, CD's and downloads now. In each case, one needs new technology to enjoy the music.

10-30-11, 9:27pm
I am so aggravated with the constant tech changes - vinyl, tapes, CD's and downloads now. In each case, one needs new technology to enjoy the music.

ME TOO!! I am stuck on CDs right now and will learn to do downloads kicking and screaming when I have to. We have a turntable connected to a receiver and speakers set up in our storeroom where we sneek away to when we want to be true audiophiles.

Mrs. M., let's say we share a love of Andy Williams music. I can't even say I have a favorite song on that album, I like them all. Funny how a sound or the thought of a sound can stir other memories and senses.

On a related subject, I do so miss the yearly TV Christmas specials, i.e. Lawrence Welk, Andy Williams. Julie Andrews did at least one TV Christmas special that I can remember.

10-30-11, 10:27pm
Razz, you can still buy record players and needles, although they were scare about ten years ago. I saw them last holiday season at the department stores. I used to have to send away for needles, but you can find them on-line now and in some music stores.

Really, nothing sounds as wonderful as a vinyl record.

10-30-11, 10:28pm
Ooops, meant to type that they were scarce...

10-30-11, 11:12pm
We love too much Christmas music to even start to mention them all and it is almost time to get them out....
But, the all time favourite of the kids when they were young was Snoppy's "The Red Baron"..lol

10-31-11, 12:11am
I don't listen to my CD's much any more, and I really haven't been using my iPod much in the past year, but I still listen to my record albums. It somehow seems more relaxing having the album spinning away at thirty-three and a third rpm in plain sight. I don't have any albums that take me way back, but my Thelonious Monk albums land me right back in high school.

Float On
10-31-11, 12:48pm
I love Andy Williams! His theater is here in town and when we go we are always the youngest in the audience (I'm 44 and my DH is 49).
Petula Clark is another favorite. I wore out my vinyls of her while singing to my hairbrush. She's been here a few times over the years at Andy's theater and I've enjoyed her concerts.

About once a year we get out the record player - I always reach for the Jesus Christ SuperStar first and we all have to follow the lyric book and sing along.

10-31-11, 8:38pm
Is this not just the best thread ever? Monk, Brubeck and Fitzgerald. The only music from my youth that I have bought on cassette or CD.

11-1-11, 8:06am
Originally posted by Juds.
Monk, Brubeck and Fitzgerald.What a grand collection of classic artists! All favourites of mine.

11-1-11, 8:31am
As I read the posts about the days of vinyl, I think I even miss the scratch/skip sound of turntable needles and the repetitive sound at the end of the record if the arm fails to return. I read somewhere that turntables are coming back and I see them in electronic stores now so maybe there will be a market for those old albums afterall. Glad I kept my turntable.

11-1-11, 8:40am
Me too, Goldensmom! That traditional, time-honoured popping and snapping/clicking sound at the very start of an old LP is the best!

11-1-11, 9:39pm
They never really went away, they were just more difficult to find. I saw one last holiday season that had a turntable, cassette player, CD player, Am/Fm radio and the ability to transfer/record/dub from one media to another. I am pretty sure that violates copyrights all over the place, but it was a fascinating piece of equipment.

11-1-11, 9:54pm
We love too much Christmas music to even start to mention them all and it is almost time to get them out....
But, the all time favourite of the kids when they were young was Snoppy's "The Red Baron"..lol
Now there's something I haven't thought about in a long time. In 1966 or 67 I was on a local TV station's Friday afternoon dance show called Dance Party. I won $5 by correctly identifying the top three songs of the week. Winchester Cathedral by The New Vaudeville Band, Sugartown by Nancy Sinatra and Snoopy vs The Red Baron by The Royal Guardsmen.

Haven't heard any of those in years, but now all three are running through my head.

11-2-11, 6:58am
My mom took and hid 2-45's from me - 'The Red Baron' and 'Yellow Submarine' because she was tired of hearing them over and over again. Years later my brother took them, said they were his, they weren't, they were mine. Talk about memories.

pony mom
11-11-11, 8:52pm
Not vinyl, but we had an 8 track instrumental tape by The Rainbow Strings, of all Christmas music. We loved that, even with the dreaded clicks from changing tracks. Don't know who/what the Rainbow Strings were, but tape is gone and I haven't been able to find a cd version to replace it.

I have a Crooner's Christmas cd with Sinatra, Crosby, and Dean Martin. Ironically, he died on Christmas Day.

Float On
11-12-11, 2:38pm
As a side note, Andy Williams announced last week that he has bladder cancer and he cancelled singing in his christmas show this season. He plans to get better and be back next year to celebrate 75 years in music.

Anne Lee
11-13-11, 7:52am
Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanian Christmas Magic. One of the Firestone Christmas albums. A vinyl of German Christmas carols.

I have Fred Waring on CD and ripped it to my computer too.