View Full Version : any relaxing music free online radio stations?

10-30-11, 10:53pm
just to have it nice and quiet at night? Anyone know one?

10-31-11, 1:07am
I listen to Pandora.com a lot. You can build your own station(s) by bookmarking songs you love, and the site offers you additional similar music which you can accept or reject to build your station. Just beware of putting anything loud into your "quiet" station, or you might get some pretty strange offerings at times! If you reject several similar songs in a row, it will go back to only playing pieces you've previously bookmarked or approved for quite a while, and it learns over time. My son has a station that plays strictly classical, for instance.

Float On
10-31-11, 3:38pm
I vote for pandora too. My 15 year old discovered it recently (I hadn't shared my secret music haunt) and I have to say his choice of celtic music on there yesterday was not quiet for my naptime.

10-31-11, 7:37pm
dang, I am outside the US and so it is a no go.

10-31-11, 8:34pm
I enjoy listening to accuradio.com. It is similar to Pandora and available in Canada.

10-31-11, 8:48pm
pandora ++1

11-1-11, 5:16pm
Libby. Thank you for the recommendation. I just went in and had a listen and I'm thrilled! Folkypoet, posted a radio listening thread a while back, but I was unable to enjoy it as it required a special download/program to listen, however accuradio.com works without a glitch.

11-3-11, 8:53pm
I am hooked on Pandora.

Anne Lee
11-3-11, 11:37pm
Can you get AOL radio? Their lite piano, classical and new age stations are pretty low key.