View Full Version : What's with all the Kardashian crap??

11-2-11, 3:53pm
I don't get it at all! Who are these women and why do we give a s*** about their lives? I turn on the news, in order to hear about important things going on in the world and I have to hear about these knuckleheads?? Large numbers of people must care about hearing about them or they wouldn't be on the news so much.
Do they have any skills? talents? Why the heck do we even want to hear about them????

11-2-11, 4:12pm
CathyA - While I enjoyed the content of your posting, I think that some thread titles are so perfectly expressed that they stand alone and need no further elaboration.

To answer the question contained in your title

"Damned If I Know"

11-2-11, 4:34pm
I used to enjoy watching the morning news to hopefully get headlines but it seems like it has turned into celebrity news - I no longer watch. I don't consider celebrity news anything but stupid.

11-2-11, 4:36pm
TV news has descended into new lows. Turn on NPR, there are no pictures but plenty of real news.

11-2-11, 4:58pm
I agree the news on Kardashian is crap. But the news companies in the US are profit based so this type of news must sell. The American people must buy this crap for news or news companies would move on to other news.

11-2-11, 5:27pm
I find it very curious that we can take anyone whosoever, and turn them into an addiction. Its very sad and disconcerting to think that people even watch this stuff enough to make it profitable for any given network. I'm totally baffled.

11-2-11, 5:30pm
I had to look up Kardahsian to see who or what it is. I'm glad that I've somehow avoided it.

11-2-11, 5:36pm
I like to watch the first 10-15 minutes of the morning "news" shows and the evening news. Usually, that catches all the serious stuff. But now junk like this has crept in to the initial news. I guess there's nothing important going on anywhere on earth................

11-2-11, 5:49pm
I had to look up Kardahsian to see who or what it is. I'm glad that I've somehow avoided it.

Consider yourself very, very lucky and relish those brain cells that you have saved !!!

11-2-11, 7:02pm
It's unfortunate that public figures/celebrities/movie stars are always in the spotlight and in turn, their personal lives and turmoil cast upon us without our consent. I try and remove and isolate myself from any/all gossip, news, or latest (greatest) when it comes to Hollywood and it's merry-go-round of happenings.

Sad Eyed Lady
11-2-11, 7:15pm
Echoing what everyone else has already said here. Remember when news used to be news? I used to watch a bit of GMA before going to work in the mornings, now it is just so much fluff and commercials for DWTS that it's meaningless. Bring back Walter Cronkite!

iris lily
11-2-11, 11:40pm
Well, you brought it up so you are contributing to their unearned fame. But now that it's out here, let's make a game of it and list things that lasted longer than Kim Kardahsion's marriage:

*Side B of In-A-Gadda-Davi-Da

*Jay Lenos prime time show

*The carton of eggs in our 'fridge


11-3-11, 1:03pm
I haven't a clue who they are - but assume they are some type of reality people like that skinny, chav-vy Paris Hilton? ie 'famous' for being famous?

I've got to admit I've heard the name before,but assumed they were some type of extra-terrestrials from Star Trek!

11-3-11, 1:36pm
LOLl Ishbel! I wish they were extra-terrestrials and we could send them back to their funky planet! haha

11-3-11, 1:52pm
When did all this kind of crap happen? About the time I quit watching TV I suppose.

domestic goddess
11-3-11, 2:49pm
I watch the occasional TV show, but you can't avoid these people if you want to. They are all over the Internet, the newspapers, everywhere. Their father (now deceased) was a lawyer, notable for the OJ Simpson defense. Their mother is now married to Bruce Jenner. They all have more money than good sense. That is apparently what makes them newsworthy. Now you know. Isn't your life better?

11-3-11, 3:03pm
Oh.....now I remember their father. He was one of O.J.'s lawyers. Do you remember the look on his face when they gave the not-guilty sentence? He looked like he was going to be sick!
I just find it very strange that people can do absolutely nothing but have money (that they really never earned themselves), and are "famous" for that. How utterly silly.

11-3-11, 7:04pm
There must be a huge demand for this crap, because the news stories are all over the TV & internet - I just don't understand it.

We are about ready to enter into "awards" season and all the talk about what she wore on the red carpet, the best/worst dressed -- according to WHO? Sheesssh. You could feed a small country with the $$ that is wasted on these evenings.

WHY? Because they "pretend" to be someone else on the big screen? Why our society has given so much attention and fame to these people I do not know...

Okay stepping off my soap box now!


11-4-11, 12:51am
i don't know about the fame bit, but i have to say that acting is very hard work.

i know that people think it isn't, but i took one class in it -- and it is very hard. after that one class, i realized how i could never do that as work. :) but, one of my friends does it, and she works very, very hard. :)

i'm not sure how it goes toward being famous, but it's been like htat for a long time. weird, i know.

11-4-11, 2:35am
There are many measures of "hard" work.
- Hard physically,requiring much hard physical labor.
- Hard mentally, requiring a lot of concentration on extremely difficult concepts (lots and lots of jobs have a pretense to this, but there may be a few that are the real thing).
- Hard in terms of pure repetitive drudgery (oh this is definitely a form of *hard* work, it's hard for a human being to drive themselves to keep enduring this type of monotony).
- Hard just in terms of really long hours (yea sure 12 hour days are kinda hard).

11-4-11, 3:21am
i found acting to be very personally demanding. i found it challenging to both find and expose the more upsetting, vulnerable, and difficult parts of myself -- which is part of what acting demands.

one of my good friends is an actress, and loves the work, but it is very difficult. It's a lot of work to puzzle out the given role, find that aspect of yourself, have the courage to really utilize and display that for the public.

another aspect that people don't think about -- which is more to the "craft" side of acting -- is the amount of control you have to have of your face, your body, and voice modulation and many other factors. All of these subtitles of communicating the character -- and your truth in the character -- are in the face. And it is hard to learn that control, and it takes a lot of practice.

but this is just my opinion. I know a lot of actors (i know more directors, writers, and producers, though), and most of them work really hard. And most of them work day jobs, which may be hard in other ways. :D

the kardasian girls are not actors though. they are reality tv stars. i think it's sad, really.

11-4-11, 10:08am
Luckily, it would appear their fame has not penetrated to the UK - or at least, having conducted a straw poll amongst a group of friends of all ages - it hasn't penetrated to anyone with a life or brains!

11-4-11, 10:44am
I recall that my long departed mother (born in 1919) used to call such news "sensational" in that it appealed to our baser instincts if we allowed it to. She would always say "rise above".

11-4-11, 3:14pm
I recall that my long departed mother (born in 1919) used to call such news "sensational" in that it appealed to our baser instincts if we allowed it to. She would always say "rise above".

She was a very wise woman!