View Full Version : Cut Off Loose Thread In Corner Of Bath Towels? OR NOT? (stupid question)

11-2-11, 10:15pm

I am having issues with towels again! lol

I finally found some great ones, Thomas O'brien towels from Target. They are wonderful and do not leave lint!!!!!!

When I got them though, they all had a long thread coming out from each corner. I thought I was being "neat" and cut off these "loose" threads.

But...now I think I was supposed to leave that on as it may be keeping the towels from unraveling with use?


11-2-11, 10:25pm
Oh-oh... Never snip loose threads unless they have been secured at the attached point. (In the case of your towels, the threads would have needed to be lockstitched to the actual fabric of the towel itself to make them safe to cut). You could always plead innocent and return the altered ones for new.

11-3-11, 8:05am
Oh no kidding...it's been so long since I had a new towel, but I'll remember that.

11-4-11, 1:45am
you can go to a store like JoAnn's fabrics, or WalMart that has a sewing section and get a small bottle (quite inexpensive), of a product called FrayCheck, and squeeze a drop or two on the cut end of the threads you cut, and that will dry and harden and prevent those cut threads from fraying.....

in the future, knot those loose ends before you cut them, but the FrayCheck will work, only cost a very small amount, and will be useful for lots of other little things.....not to worry, all will be well.

11-4-11, 7:31am
I exchanged them for new, no problems.

But...do I need to tie off the new ones?

Ohhh, so confusing! I should have just stuck with the old towels! Mo money, Mo problems.

11-4-11, 10:58pm
Heydude. LC's idea of knotting off any excessively long loose ends is a good one. Anchor them with a double knot. (New towels, old towels alike).

11-6-11, 6:35am
I tried to tie them off but they are too short to get my fingers to perform the entire operation! I can get half way there!

11-6-11, 4:06pm
My advice is to leave them. Through washing and drying the weave of the fabric will tighten and shrink and longer threads should shorten and/or become less noticeable. Myself, I stay away from fringed towels because of this. Look for hemmed edge towels next time you're due for new ones. I think you'll like them much better and there's nothing to fray.

11-6-11, 11:22pm
Ummmmm....... I think we are talking about two different things.

These towels have a hemmed edge around all four sides. But, on each corner, there is one (woven together like) thread that sticks out...of each corner. (4 total on each towel). They are small.

I am leaving it alone but should they be cut? I am not going to cut them.

11-7-11, 10:30am
OK, I got you now, Heydude. :) Yeah, leave them be. No more cutting! :D

11-8-11, 1:14pm
heheheheh thank you Mrs-M

You ARE the best!