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11-5-11, 1:48am
Had a phone interview about a week ago, and now have an offer pending an in-person interview. I'm not totally sure how to coordinate the in-person since I'm in AZ. I would be fine incurring the costs, since I'm from far away and since I will stay with family or friends anyway (I have at least 2 basements to stay in within an hour's drive) but it's a little awkward to bring up. I sent a short email that didn't really talk about that and asking to have another phone conversation (generally easier to coordinate stuff over the phone anyway). This is the non-profit/govt sector, so it's not like a corp that you'd definitely expect to handle all the travel arrangements if they were interested in you. Anyway, any advice appreciated, or just well-wishing! Starting to really hope I'll be ringing in the new year in the cold :cool:

11-5-11, 1:58am
nice! good luck with it!

11-5-11, 4:45am
I would have the phone conversation and ask 1) when they want you to come; 2) whether you are supposed to make the arrangements yourself, or if they have someone who will do that for you and 3) whether you will be reimbursed for the travel expenses. Since it is the non-profit sector, I would be pretty up-front that you understand they may not have the budget to bring someone in from a distance, but that you are willing to work with them on that because you are really interested in the position. I wouldn't want them not paying for the trip to stand in the way of getting the job, but at the same time you do want to know what is going to happen and putting it all on the table should (I hope) be seen as perfectly acceptable and professional. What you DON'T want to have happen is that you make all the arrangements, arrive and ask "where do I submit my receipts" and get met with a blank stare. If they are willing to reimburse you, I would make it clear that you are willing to stay in a modest hotel nearby, make efforts to arrange the cheapest transport there that isn't ridiculously inconvenient (no overnight bus trips, etc). I've worked in the non-profit sector for a long time, and I pay attention to how people travel because I think it reflects how they will treat the program budget, as well -- it bothers me when someone flies business class, stays in expensive hotels, etc. I was very pleased to learn that a senior management staff who visited our offices recently was happy to stay in a very modest local hotel close to the office rather than the 4 star fancy place my boss first suggested. He got TONS of street cred in my book for that simple choice. Now, maybe not everybody would react that way, but I would hope that most non-profit people would.

Good luck! I know how much you've been wanting to get back to CO, and hope this turns out to be the way.


Zoe Girl
11-6-11, 11:06am
Oh goodie, another person in Colorado! I am here in Denver myself. I wish I had more space because you could stay with me but I downsized seriously last year and it is cramped.

In any case Rosie send me a message when you are coming out and maybe we could meet for dinner. I work in the public school system but underneath federal grants, I am learning a lot more about the non-profit sector but you most likely know more. I now have weekends off too!

Very excited about your job prospect (and it isn't too cold, yet)

11-6-11, 8:04pm
Rosie, Southwest Airlines has flights right now for $59.00 each way (some restrictions, I'm sure). 10-day advance, I think, and you have to travel after November 14. But so cheap! Being a frugal nonprofit, would they be open to an interview over a service like Skype? (if you have a webcam)

Come on up to CO! We have plenty of room and we need more simple living folks here :D

Zoe Girl
11-6-11, 8:52pm
Soooo totally off topic, I will be outa town for this coming weekend (my birthday!) but afterwards is anyone interested in a out to dinner night for colorado folks? To be super simple and cheap I have my place downtown depending on where other people live (and I am 20 minutes from the airport). I would totally love to meet SL-ers in person and I will give you a warning about my kids in advance, lol

11-7-11, 7:11pm
I'd be interested. I just moved from NW Denver to Englewood though. Where are you thinking of having dinner? I've had a not-so-simple past few months so I could use some grounding with a few SLers.

11-8-11, 12:58am
Good luck with it! I have only been to Colorado a few times in my life but I really liked it.....Rob

Zoe Girl
11-8-11, 8:57am
Hey David. I will send you a message so let me know if you have trouble getting it.

11-9-11, 11:52pm
Update: I did check out flights and was in email contact with the prospective employer and turns out it will work out for me to visit during the time around Thanksgiving. We had a voucher from a bump situation so actually the flight is free to me anyway. The downside is that DH will have to be alone since he absolutely cannot get out of work :-( Thanks for the suggestions, everyone, and the offer, Zoe Girl! I have lots of family and friends up and down the Front Range (literally, a cousin in CO Springs up to a good friend in Wellington) so staying with someone will not be a problem. With family and the interview over only a few days I don't know as I'll be able to get together this time but definitely when we move back which will hopefully be very soon! But y'all go on with plans: it's fun to meet IRL. Here in Phx, we got a chance to meet Lainey, and just barely missed Rob at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon (walked up from Cottonwood campground on Oct 30).

ETA: @ Puglogic-not too worried about the cold, but am sure it will be colder than Phx. I'll just have to trade my 4 pairs of sunglasses for 4 pairs of gloves (which I probably still have, somewhere).