View Full Version : "Burnt Mountain" by Anne Rivers Siddons

11-9-11, 12:41am
Has anyone read this?

I'm about halfway through it, and I'm afraid it turned into one of those books where I had to skip through to the end because it ran out of steam for me.

I have been her fan for a long time, but man, it seems like her last few books just aint' doing it for me.


11-9-11, 6:38am
I've read several of Anne's books and I agree - they start out great, then fizzle out 2/3 of the way through. Real shame.

11-9-11, 3:51pm
I love a lot of her earlier novels--"House Next Door" and "Fox's Earth" and especially "Peachtree Road"--but yeah, I've found the more recent ones to be just meh. Judging by the Amazon reviews for "Burnt Mountain," I may give this one a miss.

11-9-11, 10:24pm
I was just talking to my friend on the phone, describing BM and she said, "Why the heck are you even bothering reading this, then?" LOL

I think my fave is still "Heartbreak Hotel" after all these years.

11-11-11, 12:27am
I read Peachtree Road in the late 1980's and thought it was very well written and that the characters were believable. What really hooked me into reading this book was that it was set in Atlanta, Georgia and has some to do with the history of Atlanta as it grew into the major city of the South - I have always had an interest in Atlanta after reading Gone With the Wind.....But the novel did seem well researched and did seem to capture the lives of an era in the South that is no more. Rob

11-11-11, 2:43am
No wonder this author's name sounded familiar! I read "Peachtree Road" back in the late 80s myself. Really enjoyed it.