View Full Version : $125 entering my life next Monday!!!

1-14-11, 12:47am
Here's something unexpected that made me smile today! I have been doing online surveys and such for some extra money (or giftcards, some companies pay only in giftcards) and also signing up for focus group companies. Well today I qualified for a 2 1/2 hour focus group next Monday night about masking tape of all things that pays $125 when the focus group ends. Just for discussing masking tape! Gotta like that. Into savings with the masking tape money.....Rob of the North Rim once more May 2011

1-14-11, 4:19am
I did some of those focus groups and loved them. Once we tasted a new Mexican restaurant's food and commented. (I ate so much since it was good I made myself sick.)

Did cat food advertising, funny gift cards, wine (take home, drink, comment online), etc. Now I am apparently not in the right demographic and do not buy the right items so I have washed out of the latest surveys.

1-14-11, 10:48am
I remember doing a bubble gum group when I was a kid - it was fun!

1-14-11, 4:09pm
too cool.....pass on some complaints about how they keep making masking tape cheaper and cheaper, cutting corners on quality, to the point where sometimes it's more trouble to use it than not. They think we don't notice, but............

1-14-11, 5:25pm
I did a focus group once when I was in grad school that was really interesting. It was done by a law firm and was about a medical damages case -- a young woman was in an extended coma I think due to complications due to childbirth, and there was a case against the doctor and the hospital. I think they were basically using the focus group to float different strategies for their trial case. There were lots of questions about what we thought the damages should be. That might have been used to argue for a settlement amount. I was really surprised when they started telling us what it was about, because I had assumed it would just be a marketing type thing.


Sad Eyed Lady
1-16-11, 9:55am
I have participated in online surveys for a few years, tested a few products, mailed in my communications bills, but mostly answered the survey questions. I've had monetary reimbursements of $20.00 a few times, now they have mostly gone to online gift cards, but I have NEVER cashed in to the tune of $125.00 at one fell swoop! Congrats and hope more come your way!

1-16-11, 11:21am
that is a good paycheck! It is the most I've heard of collecting. Congrats to you

1-16-11, 8:30pm
Just to be clear, this focus group is not through an online market research company. To find this company, I did a google search for focus groups phoenix arizona, and a few companies turned up,and I did their online demographic info to get placed in their database for studies. If anyone is interested, I would say google where you live next to focus groups and see what turns up. This will not be online, I will have to show up at their office for 2 1/2 hours but I think the incentive is well worth it and then some. Rob of the North Rim starting May 2011

1-16-11, 8:30pm
that is a good paycheck! It is the most I've heard of collecting. Congrats to youThanks!