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1-14-11, 5:04pm
I'm doing something I never thought I would - "crowd management" at a giant sports arena.

It's a weird thing for me because I hate crowds. I hate chaos. And I hate sports. But I also hate poverty. I've been a volunteer usher for years at lots of different arthouses so I thought this would be about the same +75 decibels, but I was way off base.

I'm game for it ... I think. It turns out I'm working Security Lite. Last night I was positioned at the bottom of the steps feeding a basket ball court (right behind the cheerleaders! :0) and I was in charge of keeping most of the people from using these stairs. It was easy in that most people were very polite about being denied, but there was a lot of chaos with people with all different kinds of access passes, and keeping track of who could go where. At one point I got a Talking To over letting the wrong people go to the wrong place.

I'm not sure how long this job will last, but I'll give it the good old college try. Ultimately my nefarious scheme is to use this as an inside track to get hired at the local giant arthouse. We'll see what happens.

1-14-11, 5:15pm
Good Luck, it sounds hard but must commend you for giving it a good try....it might grow on at least for the time being...

1-14-11, 7:43pm
Hey, good for you! I have been reading your posts for a couple of years now and am always glad to hear something positive enter your life.....Here's hoping your nefarious scheme works out too! Rob of the North Rim May 2011