View Full Version : Getting laid off...

11-15-11, 10:42pm
... from a half time job I have struggled with for 2 years. I've been anticipating this for some months... when the ED told me, my first reaction was a flood of anxiety, followed, in under a minute, by great relief.

Now I will dedicate my time to fundraising enough at the other gig, the one I like, to get me to full time. And losing some weight... Whew! I am still hoping that the second income isn't so much that I cannot get a little unemployment compensation. It will help pay for COBRAing my health insurance.

The old gig ends 31 Dec., but with some time off for a minor medical procedure, and the holidays, I have 13 days left there! Woo hoo!!

11-15-11, 11:11pm
It sounds like this is a good thing overall. I'm happy you are free of a stressful situation! I hope things work out wonderfully for you.

11-16-11, 6:50am
I hope this turns out to be a cloud with a bright shiny silver (or platinum?) lining for you, redfox. I'm sure with the extra time and energy you will have to devote to the new job, great new possibilities are going to open up for them and for you. Goodbye dysfunction, hello new opportunities!


11-16-11, 8:14am
Sometimes the things we fear the most happening, end up being the best things! Good luck to you Redfox.
Oh.....and how is your DH feeling? I hope he's completely well and is having a good visit with your DD.

11-16-11, 11:40am
Redfox, I, too, know the equal amounts of anxiety and relief that come from getting laid off from a stressful job. Loss of income and stability is such a scary thing (and COBRA, eek!), even when it means you can now breathe easier about many other things. Hang in there and take care of yourself!


11-16-11, 2:07pm
Congrats (and sorry). Glad to see that you have the opportunity to do something you want even if you have to make a big sacrifice financially for it. I'm a firm believer that things work out for the best even when it involves some hardship and stress. You'll be able to do things that have a greater value to you now and in the long run, even if it IS scary in the beginning! My younger sister is also getting laid off at the end of the year and, like you, while she's a bit scared and concerned financially, she is planning to look at this as a good thing and an opportunity to do some other things she wants to do and maybe take her life in a whole new direction.

11-16-11, 7:36pm
I'm glad you are feeling happy about it! Sounds like you have some great plans (and I really admire your attitude!)