View Full Version : getting assertive, and you know what hits the fan

Zoe Girl
11-18-11, 11:06am
So I started on the this positive thinking program, really good, and the things htat have happened since then, Woah! I really focused on my kids being independant and happy and my goals around earning enough to support us comfortably.

I had a long weekend vacation, my mom rearranged my house while I was gone so Sunday I dismantled the table and put it in th eback yard (and was not so calm), monday my kids all freak with anxiety, teusday i have an awesome conversatin with my supervisor, clear the air, she takes a lot of the fall for something that stepped on my toes, then i start getting staff calls wednesday about each other, by thursday one is refusing to come and work with the others, I have an amazing special needs conference I wa able to sit in on as the after school provider, and then I go to cover for my refuser and his work is crap, my sup is saying he is great and others need to move sites. I just stood up and said no, he is being crappy and others are not perfect but they don't lose children. (okay all more professional than that).

So i have been assertive at work twice this week and the world did not fall apart. Even if I am not 100% correct I am still feeling okay and that is really really new. Now my kids, well one left for mostof the week and i am so much mroe peaceful. I feels like if I am serious about my positive focus on my job and earnings that it affects a lot of things like needing to stand up and speak plus giving my kids their own lives to handle (well tyler is 14 butthe girsl are 18 and 21

11-21-11, 6:06pm
Yes, the powers of our own attitudes are amazing! I have been keeping a gratitude journal and practicing affirmations and I am so much happier and calm than I used to be.
Keep up the good work!!

11-21-11, 7:11pm
Sounds great, wish you luck. I have been focusing on everything I am thankful for. I think it makes be a better person, at least I feel better about myself.

Zoe Girl
11-21-11, 9:31pm
I am glad that others have similar experiences. I was in the middle of what could be the worst week ever shortof the time I took my son to the Er for a psych eval, and I just had moments of joy. Go figure.

The work deal, it keeps on going and the challenges don't go away but they are working out. i even got noticed and mentioned in a meeting on friday more than once for the work I am doing. I have a strong feeling from some comments from my supervisor in general that she was told to not be so nit picky and look at the big picture, or something like that. She went from 'I am not getting everything I need and the frustration is building' to 'wow we serve 500+ kids after school with grant money and the alternative would be nowhere to go, maybe each detail of curriculum isn't as life or death'. Which is good because i look much better under the second style of our work.

So lets keep plugging away and check in, I would love to hear how this is working for others.